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  1. Lynn_F
    Nice Jeep! I haven't had mine down to the beach yet, if the weather holds up I'll be down there for Labor day weekend. Let me know if you want a backup set of wheels, I'll sell u a set cheap!!
  2. Lynn_F
    Super nice Jeep!! How the hell do u get those awesome pics to upload?? I've got my camera pixels turned down as low as it will go and half of my pics are still too big to upload!!
  3. Murgatroid
    Just got it back from getting my Jeep vinyl graphics put on. I love it. A big Hawaiian print shirt.
  4. calicorks
    I just wanted to say to both you guys thank you. I very much appreciate how Un judgmental and helpful you both are. There are a few people on this forum, not all but a slight few that don’t like newbies or questions. I cannot tell you how...
  5. Todd98
    where did you get roof rack
  6. Murgatroid
    Finally hit 300 miles, getting ready to take an over 3000 mile round trip out to Utah to deliver a forge to my youngest son. Supposed to get the graphics on Thur. so should be ready for my trip Fri. If you see a red Hawaiian print Gladiator on 80...
  7. HTXGladiator
    Letters to replace the Rubicon on the hood. Says "Achilles" in Greek.
  8. Murgatroid
    Just took the Gladiator in for coating and fabric protection at the dealer, they are also putting on mud flaps. They were going to put on the hibiscus decals I got from Jeep but their vinyl guy "didn't feel comfortable" doing it. I will have to...
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  9. jdysart
    Got everything installed today. So far it is amazing. I went with the 2.5" Basic Rough Country kit for now. Trying to wait/decide which actual lift I want to run. I am looking for something in the 3.5" - 4.5" range, but for now a bit of trimming...
  10. Yellow1098
    Looks great can't wait to see em on! 37's? What lift situation are you going with....would love to hear how it drives compared to stock
  11. KrashEd
    Looks great!!! How far do the tires stick out past the fenders with those Fuels?
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  12. jdysart
    Got my tires in today. Now just waiting on my wheels. Should have everything installed on Thursday.
  13. Trippin01
  14. vegas_rubi
    I love your rims!!
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  15. starttodaynola
    where are you located? I have the side steps you are looking for.
  16. JTguy2020
    What brand and part number is the bike rack? that is damn lit !!! I told my coworkers about how your photos of your jeep are that of a high-quality fashion runway model… Absolutely just stunning photos you took !! Like this shit should be in a...
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  17. wyodirt
    does this have sleeping quarters? how about some interior shots, the rig looks very nice
  18. Sorbs
  19. Sorbs
    Yep, I think I've got every driving mood covered.