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  1. 5JeepsAz
    12/06/2019 ok so there are no NOS or replacement brakes or brake parts. Going to modernize but keep drum style brakes. I wanted to change to discs but everything, for me, added up to these drums will work fine when repaired and maintained....
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  2. Trippin01
    Probably my favorite muscle car of all time. Awesome & thanks for sharing!
  3. Murgatroid
    Love the shot of you in the flood.
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  4. fuelcell1
    nice truck. its just awesome IMO
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  5. ShadowsPapa
    Thanks for the comments - adding a couple more pics I dug up....... showing how I put the engine/transmission/transfer case in, the NOS tail lights in the car as I was putting it back together after painting, and the car on the trailer in my shop...
  6. Trippin01
  7. Trippin01
  8. 5JeepsAz
    11/26/2019 Well Cindy is in the shop. Admire you DIYers, but a man's got to know his limitations etcetera. Anyway, the treasure hunt for a/c bracketry ended up with two brackets in a box with a compressor dropped off today. One is a set of horn...
  9. JustScott
    This in the bed? Im looking for a storage container.
  10. Trippin01
    What are you gonna do if it ever gets done? and I like the very tasteful updates & upgrades!, well as the pics. Boise ridge pics?
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  11. JustScott
    Picking up my overland tomorrow! Are those racks from jeep? Love the build!
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  12. JustScott
    Get mine tomorrow!
    waiting for my gator , softtop looks great
  14. 9thhour
    Soon to come. Leveling kit, New wheels & side steps for the wife. I replaced my 2017 JKU - Recon for this JT and there are no regrets. I am looking forward to sharing fun times with my grand-kids
  15. Stickyteflon
    Love that gator green
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  16. Hurricane
    First time Jeep Owner. Love my Gladiator
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  17. PJM86
    Looks great, what size leveling kit did you use?