New Garage Comments

  1. Jeeperjamie
    Added Loyo Led Foglights, Sylvania Led Bulbs for the running lights and Hikari Led Bulbs for the Headlights. Totally satisfied with how this turned out. I was able to keep the factory look of my headlights and foglights and upgrade them for...
  2. narcoteca
    HISTORY/COMMENTS: SMH it’s a lease. this got me ahahaha! Beautiful truck built
  3. salonganesa
    Hey JMD. Your Overland looks great. Do you have a lift?
  4. Mac Attack
    Hey Air Dale, you're flying that puppy into the ground. Now if you were climbing Everest or flying upside down like Ruby, then I would be the wheels, R those graphics or scratch marks on the doors?
  5. The Peripatetic Cajun
    Great looking Gladiator!!! Loving the color against the landscape, my dealership didn’t have that one available. Mind if I ask you about your winch? And if you’re pleased with its features/power abilities? Keep Jeep’n!!!
  6. Mac Attack
    WOW! Amazing! Surprised you can actually drive like that. Do you work for NASA? If not, I know some scientists that would like to speak with you.
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  7. jwolfe208
    whos upgraded their speakers???? and what brand did you go with
  8. ThatStinging_Jeep
    Hellk yeah man that truck is sick man,me and my dad are debating if we should go with an old school gladiator or a 1965 chevy c10
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  9. Jeeperjamie
    Never did a garage on the JKU I had so figured I'd start one on the JT to document my progress on it.
  10. Fireman 848
    My bad ! Typo! 17” wheels. Good catch.
  11. Uparms
    2 inch Moper Performance lift, Springs, Fox 2.0 shocks, control arms. Got almost 3 inches. Still settling. 35x12.50-17 BFG ATs, KO2. Mopar Performance Gladiator wheels, 8.5 wide. Almost look like factory wheels. 4.10s now running like 3.64s and...
  12. GONATS19!
    Looks great! Just curious, are those 15" wheels as stated? I'm wondering if that is why the front tire extends about two inches past the fender.
  13. Mac Attack
    Like your mods and planned mods. Will be purchasing a diesel when they come out. Will be using mine for daily driver and full time overlanding, when I retire. Some of your mods, are exactly what I'm thinking about. Thanks.
  14. Mac Attack
    From a Special Forces Guy to a Marine...done good Bubba.
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  15. 5JeepsAz
    03/10/20 new wheel pic! Looks great. We are down to final couple of items. I'm hoping next week for done.
  16. 5JeepsAz
    03/03/09 power brakes? Of course. Why not! Cindy is just like all my other loves. She simply requires first class treatments and she'll be ready when she's ready. More pics when she escapes from the day spa. Actually, probably I'll be updating...
  17. MadMax
    [IMG] Finished my front mods. New smittybilt x2o 10k synth rope winch with shackle and LED light bar. Pic in photos.
  18. Bbannongmu
    Going in for paint correction and ceramic coat [MEDIA]
  19. Jeeperjamie
    Never did a garage on my 2010 JKU so I decided to create one to document all the changes that happen to my JT. It's an absolute joy to drive and may be my last truck I own. Already Lifted it and put on 315 70 17 BFG KO2 A/T tires. Added Rubi...
  20. Bbannongmu
    Borla Climber S exhaust install and review here [MEDIA]