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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Thanks @Rockabillyroy I thought I might be missing something. Looks like I'm off to the milling machine. 😑
  2. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Man that looks beautiful.... You guys need to share some of the water though! Already dry as a bone here on the West Coast.
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Today I took delivery of my Diamondback HD and did the install. I have to agree that removing the bed rail caps is a true pain, but I was able to do it far enough to get the shims in place and get it all closed up. I saw no need to remove the entire rail cap. Not to say that the top is in any...
  4. JT owners post your MPG

    2020 Stock Mojave and I get 13-14 around town and 19- 20 on the freeway. I do live in the San Francisco Bay Hills so every trip is up or down about 1,200 ft and then 70-80 on the freeway (mostly flat) just to compete...haha
  5. Forgot to Remove my Tazer

    That's great... I had mine I for the first service but also had them check a couple warranty issues.i guess that's why I got the software update.
  6. Forgot to Remove my Tazer

    Hey BAT.... Curious how it turned out???
  7. Forgot to Remove my Tazer

    I just had my 2020 in for service and they updated the software. It might better to let them know and go by and remove it. Either way they will know it's there.
  8. Diamondback HD or SE on my Mojave?

    Thanks Jcsii..... That's pretty much what I figure. It's really the job site during the day or a parking lot situation that I will rely on it the most so it's probably secure enough for that. I am a little worried it will challenge somebody just because it looks like it must be hiding something...
  9. Diamondback HD or SE on my Mojave?

    Thanks for the feedback. My partner kicked in the extra $400 to get the HD just to get me to shut up about it...haha. Problem solved!
  10. Diamondback HD or SE on my Mojave?

    Aw man! Thanks for the photo.... It looks just like my Mojave. I was debating over the smooth or classic diamond finished and you totally set it for me. That top looks great on the sting grey. I went with the Weathertech bed liner in the first week and it's held up pretty good... Concrete...
  11. Diamondback HD or SE on my Mojave?

    I would like to hear from diamondback owners what they think about the tops and if the HD version is that much better. My truck is part work truck... Holding tools and materials but I also will be adding a rack and tent this summer. I think for the rack, I will do something that attaches...
  12. Well that's interesting....

    Saw this at a stoplight today 😁
  13. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    Ah man.... I was really appreciating how the Jeep family from all over the country with many different backgrounds could come together in this forum and not turn it into a political shit show. Hopefully this ends here.
  14. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    I used the Tazer Mini.... I originally installed it to add the front facing cam but it has lots of other nice features ;-)
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I keep trying the heal thing but it's hard to get the step down for me. Overall there's not much protruding out so I have to to a double step. First step to get it started then push my foot in to get better footing. Most times I forget it's even there..haha
  16. Those with 2021s on order may experience some delays.....

    It seems the block manufacturer for the Pentastar is not keeping up with production.
  17. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    I live in Oakland proper. Carjackings are my biggest worry, but I also use Nest cams on the front of the house with zoning around my vehicles. I get a ping when anyone gets near my house and another if they move closer to my vehicles and a third if they are on my property. So a ping-ping ping...
  18. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    Owl cam is back in business?
  19. Mojave owners: any issues so far?

    2500 miles here and my biggest issue is a crazy air leak on the passenger door gasket. Other than that I love it!