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  1. Is the diesel gladiator worth it?

    5.13 all day long. I've been running this and 37s and haven't had any issues.
  2. Child killed in Rubicon Trail tragedy. GoFundMe started for family

    That's terrible tragedy. Prayers for the family.
  3. Looking for opinions about Rubicon replacement shocks for AEV spacer lift kit install

    Yeah, adjustables are nice. Something I'd consider if I went with more than just a spacer lift. And you are right, finding parts is damn hard. I was able to procure a set of Falcon 2.1 SP2s. Hopefully my seller won't balk. :)
  4. Looking for opinions about Rubicon replacement shocks for AEV spacer lift kit install

    As with most AEV stuff, it is quality. I haven’t had any issues with it. Maintains stock ride feel for the most part - but on the rubicon shocks, it kinda sucks that’s why I’m looking for different shocks. This is not an AEV issue at all. As mainly a daily it’s a good compromise. For off road...
  5. Looking for opinions about Rubicon replacement shocks for AEV spacer lift kit install

    I've been running the AEV Spacer lift (2inch) for 12K miles with no problems on 37s on my Rubicon. Looking to replace the floaty factory stock Rubicon shocks with literally, anything better. I suspect I won't need anything longer than the factor specs. Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  6. Best model for snow.

    Not an expert on Winter Tires in any sense but got caught in a huge blizzard up along the AZ high country last winter and between my Nitto 37, 4HI and good driving, didn't have a problem when others with CUVs and SUVs were pulled over to the side of the road.
  7. Jeep acknowledges big demand for 392 Gladiator V8

    This is exactly where the pricing should be. Even the 392 is a mass produced engine that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. And yet, the market is thirsty for it...
  8. TSB (Steering Box) Done - Thoughts

    I kinda waited a while to get this done. Although it did wander at highway speeds and the imprecise steering was something I probably have accepted after 20K of driving. That being said, the Jeep is noticeably better now in both handling and overall driving experience. This should be an...
  9. OEM Audio Plus

    This looks like a pre-order at $2700 for the JT. It looks involved to install. I'll wait for the reviews before considering this.
  10. Is there a way to make a complete spacer lift besides AEV?

    AEV spacer lift on 37... Have about 12K miles on it. No problems whatsoever. I'm using a TAZER and not procal but the Tazer is just more than a one trick pony like the ProCal.
  11. Fake trim levels?

    Hey to each his own. Not like everyone who knows won't laugh at it. 😀
  12. Gun holster options?

    This looks exactly like what I'm looking for. No need to drill new holes and appear to be solid. Ordering.
  13. Bed Lighting Installation Question

    Yep I got Trail Rails. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.
  14. Bed Lighting Installation Question

    I'm thinking about getting a system like the Oracle bed lighting system. I want to have it tap off the existing bed lights from the factory. Anyone have any suggestions on a clean wiring install?
  15. Best 37s for daily driver

    37 inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers, surprisingly quiet x 10K miles so far. Also fits into spare tire spot with a little encouragement. Ran 4.10s for most of it but just upgraded to 5.13s in the last 2K miles. Should have done that much, much sooner. The Gladi is no speed demon but it's not a dog...
  16. Is icing on LEDs really a problem?

    I think it has more to do with Jeep's flat front cowl and recesses for lights that tends to cause accumulation.
  17. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    Good time for that HEMI conversion.LOL
  18. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Yeah what this guy said. And add Hemi Swap to make it livable.