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  1. Child killed in Rubicon Trail tragedy. GoFundMe started for family

    So sorry to hear of this news. God Bless.
  2. Meet DAUNTLESS the Gladiator we'll drive around the world.

    Safe Trip & Thanks for the ride along!
  3. Traded my Mojave on a TRX Today.

    I read this thread. :clap::rock::like::CWL::LOL:
  4. Bad day on the trail…

    "My son and I .. ." Followed by a Jeep story is as old as jeeps and fathers and sons. Now that and the retelling long after you're gone to his son are worth whatever you pay to have a safety check performed by a reputable local 4X4 shop. Take your son along for that too? Pay the money down...
  5. The Brute

    Strangest thing. On my resto I have the chance to do all this engine swap and what do I choose? Dig until I find another original motor as a replacement. Lol. I found out the LS has a computer chip, so that was the end of that. Alxso, just rechecked out your 97 conversion truck. That is...
  6. 100,000 mile Gladiator review

    Congratulations on the retirement, for all the reasons. Thanks for keeping us safe out there in your Jeep Truck.
  7. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    We the people, in order to for a more perfect union.... government is us. IT SURE ISN'T ANYONE ELSE, THAN US.. and supporting government is our civic duty, in this citizen American's opinion.
  8. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    I always thought we pay taxes to raise wages for war fighters, first responders, teachers, and to provide a safety net to them for their entire life, for their service to our nation. These people are also called consumers. Not paying taxes does punish these consumers, and those with similarly...
  9. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    Until we commercialize them TicTac Technology, you know, defy laws of physics, electro is next, and will dominate. And until penty more people pay taxes as a civic duty like they ought to do, rebates and incentives galore. If you don't believe it, you've still got dial up. And it will fail if...
  10. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    Biometric recognition :movember:
  11. Interesting fleet of JT test mules in Colorado mountains 6-28-21 PIX ATTACHED

    You are right about that.. Since this is about smart jeep people in the rockies... hey look! Solutions galore... :clap::like::rock:
  12. Gladiator is broke

    We've already had the conversation about bailouts for Wallstreet and the Auto Industry pre pandemic. Some said we would not let those nice people experience destitution due to their own failure, and we all paid for their free ride, and they should be grateful every last day of their life for...
  13. Gladiator is broke

    Fact. Happy 4th Jeepers!!
  14. Interesting fleet of JT test mules in Colorado mountains 6-28-21 PIX ATTACHED

    edit: I'm old and foolish (teetering on "get off my lawn" .. ). I just think that instead of only tinkering with new jeeps the smart people oughta spend their time solving some world problems also. now,, Lets see what they got under that muleskin. Carry on!
  15. Will animals tear up the interior if I leave the top and doors off all night?

    In cold weather a rural neighbor once advised I should knock on the hood before getting in the jeep so as not to blow up a cat. He actually said, "yep, ever body up here has blowed up a cat one time. They like the heat off the engine overnights." The worst were critters eating wires. Loved them...
  16. Interesting fleet of JT test mules in Colorado mountains 6-28-21 PIX ATTACHED

    Morons. It's jeeps without any Tech. Because after the Texas power crash and the East Coast fuel supply crash and the Northwes1t heat caused brownouts ... People realized we should stop innovating when mechanical stuff works. Instead we should: Use new tech to solve new problems...
  17. This is why I lease

    Some people purchase because `never a borrower or lender be` and also pay full taxes because civic duty. And some don't.
  18. Music in your Gladiator

    Music in your Gladiator thread turns into a whole band scene. :like::rock::like::clap::LOL::CWL::like::rock::clap::clap: