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  1. Hole in the Rock Badge of Honor Trail

    Tougher Obstacles Especially near the End. First 10 Miles Piece of Cake, Then one Off Camber Down Hill section, Then 5 Miles of Bumpy Rough Road, Then when you Inter Marble Canyon the real Fun Begins. Down Load the Map for GAIA before you go Real easy to lose your way
  2. Hole in the Rock Badge of Honor Trail

    We just did it Last weekend, Lot's of Parking at TrailHead for the RV, Easily done in 2 Days. Take extra Gas at Least 5 Gallons it is about 27 Miles Each Way and alot Toughter of a Trail then you would Think. Let me know when you Plan on Going would not mind Joining in,
  3. Rocky Gap (Sunday June 6TH 2021)

    Rocky Gap is alot of Fun. Do it when you can. If you do the washes "OBSTACLES" go atleast 2.5 & 37's
  4. Rocky Gap (Sunday June 6TH 2021)

    Taking a Group out Sunday to Rocky Gap if your Interested we will Be meeting at the Chevron on Blue Diamond (HWY 160) on Sunday at 8:30am. Chevron 12325 NV 160 Las Vegas
  5. The Great Divide - Episode One - The Journey Into Colorado

    Looking forward to more, You open on Saturday's?
  6. It’s true ...a tire shortage ..what 37” Toyo are you running?

    You can't go Wrong with Nitto or Toyo, I run Toyo Open Country RT tires 37 / 12.50-17 They Look Great and There Perfect Offroad, Come out to Quartzsite I'll let you Run my Jeep with the RT's
  7. Stuff I wish vendors made...

    Gorilla glass windshield About to do my 2nd Front Window
  8. 813 Fabrication & Design - Under Rear Seat MOLLE Storage Solution

    I would pay a deposit to get one Happily
  9. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Your also a Fulltime Rv'er??
  10. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    This is a Really Incredible Build, Follows what I have done also Not same Parts But same Thinking " overland, rock crawling and hwy comfort"
  11. What can we do for you?

    I am Looking for Black Door Hinges for all 4 Doors, Can you Help Me??
  12. Nevada SOLD

  13. Nevada SOLD

    Reduced 750.00
  14. Nevada SOLD

    I bought this in March and Have decided I don't want or Need it - Nothing Wrong with it we are in Las Vegas, NV till Saturday 11/7/2020 then Quartzsite, AZ for a Few Months. Mounted still on the Jeep Decked w/ Core Trax 2 Tan D Boxes 1 Tan Cross Box Whole Package 900.00...
  15. 813 Fabrication & Design - Under Rear Seat MOLLE Storage Solution

    Count me as a Buyer - Be Great for me
  16. Elephant Hill in the Needles District of Canyonlands, Utah

    I have never Done Teapot or the Maze - But if did it Stock Elephant Hill is Tougher. Elephant Hill is a Loop so you Can do all of the Trail come back and Instead of Left Uphill you can go Right and Out Bobby's Hole - If you Exit on Bobby's Hole before completing the Loop you Miss all the Cool...
  17. Elephant Hill in the Needles District of Canyonlands, Utah

    I went with the Tera-Flex 2.5 CT2 with Falcon 3.1 - it a good Lift but in a few weeks we are upgrading the shocks to be adjustable Be going to the Falcon 3.3, Nice thing is you Can buy the 3.1 and Later add a Cartridge to Upgrade to 3.3