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  1. Big bend np

    July is going to be HOT as hell!! Travel with 1 gallon of water per person/per day!!!!!! Make sure to have a way to deal with tire issues. A QUALITY tire repair kit and air source is very smart, above and beyond having a spare. As stated, all trails are doable with a stock Jeep. It's not...
  2. 2021 No Drain Plugs?

    I would also recommend, if funding allows. It sounds like you are interested in using the drain holes. With the Mopar all weather mats, they don't provide for use of the rear drain holes. Armalite does.
  3. 2022 Rumors?

    Sorry, I thought about the hijack after posting. I guess the lack of info on the upcoming models got the Attention deficit disorder going....
  4. Any shops in the DFW area that do welding?

    You can try Cody Young, owner of Cody Crafted at 817-706-7831. He runs his business in a shop at his house in Burleson, so it's an easy drive from Mansfield. Great guy that does great work, but can be frustratingly busy and hard to schedule time with. Your job is pretty simple, so I imagine he...
  5. Big bend np

    I have a cabin in Terlingua and have spent quite a bit of time in BBNP. I've driven every road in the park. Did you have a specific question?
  6. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. 2022 Rumors?

    Yep the 304 (5.0l) AMC V-8 was installed in CJ-5 and CJ-7 Jeeps from 1972 until the early 1980's. Terrible setup, burned huge amounts of fuel and produced low amounts of power. You could make them sound like they had power though...
  8. ARB vs VIAIR
  9. RSI Smartcap

    Well.... As probably the most vocal critic of RSI, My answer is NO, I would not buy again. However, I'm not trying to dissuade others. I'm trying to get some movement on making things right. The cap itself is one of few that are constructed from metal and not fiberglass. The rooftop load rating...
  10. RSI Smartcap

    I'm confused. Did your cap come with 10mm or 12mm? Have you installed it? If you meant your cap came with 10mm, then it probably has to do with the manufacture date, not the ship date. I believe you can tell when it was manufactured by the first digits of the serial number that corresponds to a...
  11. Gorilla Glass

    That's a pretty interesting way to handle the calibration issue. While I could live without the Forward collision, I'm not sure I want to give up adaptive cruise control. I don't use ACC often, but in certain circumstances it can be a handy feature (Although I've survived for many decades...
  12. RSI Smartcap

    AMEN @PhantomChameleon Here is a timeline of the spacer issue, as I see it: - November 17th RSI was aware of the Spacer/rear seal issue(probably sooner, but that's the first instance I can find). - November 25th Announced a solution of - source your own spacer of 9/16" thickness. - November...
  13. Gorilla Glass

    I wish I didn't have it...I'm still not sure why it would need to be calibrated. What is the difference between folding the windshield or replacing it?
  14. wife wants to buy the new JEEP EV.....opinions?

    As a certified petrol head, I never thought I would say this - I find the 4Xe very interesting.
  15. Gorilla Glass

    My broken glass is the OEM glass. I'm wondering the same as you regarding the quality of HGP. My replacement glass will be out of pocket, so I am trying to determine if I should opt for the (supposedly) better glass.
  16. Gorilla Glass

    I would have also had a problem with this warranty. I got a "regular" rock chip that morphed into a top to bottom crack, all within 20 miles, during the same trip. The HGP warranty states that the damage must fall in size between 25mm and 76mm. That means if you have damage smaller than 1 inch...
  17. RSI Smartcap

    It most definitely affects the seal along the bottom of the rear glass door. RSI botched the original design, then "solved" the problem by telling you to go find your own material to 'lift' the rear of the cap.
  18. RSI Smartcap

    Check post #400 on this thread. I believe that one was color bed lined.
  19. What is the most important accessory for your Gladiator?

    Bestop Sunrider! (Sorry, I know that wasn't on your poll...)