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  1. The one that got away...

    2004 Ford Excursion 6.0 TurboDiesel. room for 8 passengers, tandem stroller, wheelchair and big dog kennel, while returning around 25MPG & 800+ mile range. Towed my 37' TT to mile-high city without struggling to maintain 70MPH.
  2. BFG KO2 LT285/70R/17 Tire Pressure (once and for all)

    Chalk testing will allow you to identify the proper tire pressure you need for your setup.
  3. Powerstation to use with bed outlet (Jackery, etc)

    I use Ecoflow River 600. Recharge is the quickest in any of 3 ways and can support up to 1200w electrical appliance and can also be used as UPS. It can also be expanded when need arise.
  4. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Do you mind sharing weight ratings on your pop-up camper?
  5. Exhaust filter nearing full

    You don't need to be running at higher vehicle speed for the regen. You just need to have the engine running at higher speed by downshifting to lower transmission gear when a regen is needed.
  6. Turbo temperature gauge?

    Getting into the habit of back-in parking should suffice any turbo to cool-down no matter how hard you used it.
  7. Wiper recommendation

    PIAA Super Silicon, I have them on my JKU for over 3 years without tearing or dry-rotting. Still wipe very well. Out in the element most of the time 'coz JacKie has been too tall to get in my garage when either the soft or the hard top is on.
  8. How long it would take Diesel Engine MPG to pay for itself

    You can improve your weight distribution by moving as much of the weight as you can in the trailer so it only impacts JT payload by about 10%.
  9. Any rumors for 2022 Gladiator changes?

    I feel the same way. I'm afraid my JoLHY (pronounced Jolie) will tell me that almost every day,
  10. Rubicon Max Tow build - manual transmission

    I believe the Aisin 6MT's max tow is 4500# on a Rubicon thanks to the matching 4.10 axle ratio. Sport/Overland are rated at 4000# with their 3.73 axle ratio. Watch out for their Payload though. Rubicon has less payload due to its heavier hardware like axles, skid plates and the optional...
  11. Max Tow to Rubicon Axle Swap. What do I need to know?

    Either dealer reflash or Tazer Mini to recognize/enable Rubicon hardware electronics.
  12. Motor Trend's Full Overview (12/8/2020) is "Scary" (not good)

    I agree. And they published it? Motor Trend need to be roasted for that. FCA should sue them for that article.
  13. TFL towing - JT diesel vs f150 hybrid

    I can enable my '19 JL's backup camera anytime the ignition is on, regardless of speed. It just stays on for a couple of seconds like Andre said. Tazer Mini even tapped in to it for their camera-on-upon-blinker feature.
  14. JT EcoDiesel Payload with Trim & Options

    JT Ecodiesel Owners: Do you mind posting your payload numbers/stickers as well as provide the following info: - Trim - Packages - Options not included in Packages Or payload and window stickers would suffice. Thanks in advance
  15. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Long Term Tester by Car and Driver

    The Aisin 6-speed manual transmission has sluggish gearing compared to the ZF 8-speed automatic. I prefer the gearing and clutching of my JKUX'es Getrag 6-speed manual than my JLUR'es Aisin.