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  1. FastMan ported throttle body installed

    Nope. Been busy woth work and kids. Supercharger is still sitting in a box in the garage. Probably going to drop it at a shop in july and get it done while i have to travel a bunch.
  2. (500mi update)AWE trail tuck installed

    i have not yet. Work and family has been busy so everything with the truck got put on hold. Their pics of their barre muffler lead me to believe the AWE one will work.
  3. (500mi update)AWE trail tuck installed

    no, i was thinking about replacing the small front muffler(resonator?) with a quieter one. The rear 180 resonator kills the drone Really well the sound is smooth and mellow. It isnt obnoxious, but you do hear it at cruise. I generally err on the side of wanting quieter. if its any indication...
  4. Magnuson Installs????

    id absolutely consider it. I havent been able to get the time to do mine, and now that i have to deploy again, its become a who knows when
  5. Am I being an Ahole? Update Page 7

    just did. I dont have any patience for incompetence; especially when it’s holding my time and money.
  6. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Sorry. Not on the forum much anymore. What brackets? AEV? If AEV, go a bolt alignment for the next step up. caster is fine” where it is, but youll like 6 better
  7. Am I being an Ahole? Update Page 7

    this. The “my lawyer is going to sue” on car forums thats been around for decades is an utterly exhausting fallacy. Does anyone think people are actually intimidated by the phrase? They arent. it means nothing, they will accomplish nothing, and will probably tell you that there is no case...
  8. Am I being an Ahole? Update Page 7

    lawyer what?
  9. Am I being an Ahole? Update Page 7

    fuck that asshole. Get your money back. -send email outlining your concerns and ask for your money back. -if you dont get a refund in 2 business days, build out your timeline and begin dispute claim with card company. man these lazy ass business using covid as an excuse for everything is...
  10. In need of a glossary

    Heres the video from the pics above
  11. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    it was a piston ring land failure and dual cat failure. My guess is lambdas. The tune issue is weird. Wonder if someone at magnuson just fucked up?
  12. Mods you regret

    optimas are too small. Some dense foam took care of it. Im being more of a dram queen about it than i need to, i think. The auto power distribution of the system IS nice. And not paying redarc prices is nice.
  13. Mods you regret

    the tray is mostly fine, although highlighting for people that optima’s dont fit right would have been nice. My issue is the electronics that dont allow top start to function correctly if you want to use it. That should have been easy to voltage regulate to keep the system working. its...
  14. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Petty’s garage tune claimed two more motors and sets of cats out of a PA shop. I know for a fact at least one of the owners tried to get the latest revision from Magnuson and was told they wanted him on the petty tune, that the revisions were just for guys at altitude. these companies irritate...
  15. Mojave frame front shock mounts limitations?

    correct. Its a different bolt diameter. Can be made to work but requires custom fabrication.
  16. I hate thieves

    i hear ya. Double check the post....
  17. Modify Back Doors to Make More Dog Friendly

    just ordered this for my ridgeback. He’s 95lb and trying to jump in through the door, onto the seat, with 4” lift and 37’s just wasnt fair. Dude was trying to do the math every time before launch. thanks for posting. 👍
  18. I hate thieves

    your point isnt lost on me, and i dont think our criminal justice system is terribly great; but id rather have 100 thieves go free than a single innocent man go to jail....due process is a tremendously beautiful thing we should cherish. but we do need a bit more justice. i changed text color...
  19. Mojave Lift Options

    Im tracking this purely a fitment question or a function question. Trying to determine how you mean “works” fit yes any fit. Function dont disposition more than an inch beyond shock neutral
  20. Mojave Lift Options

    help me understand what you are trying to determine so i can better answer