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  1. Dead Gladiator. Both battwriee

    Sounds like something more than bad batteries. One thing to do is to put your keyfob up to the starter button and press it with the keyfob. That might reset it or get it out of "run". Try it a few different ways if it doesn't work, including holding it right up next to it at different sides...
  2. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    I'm running 35s. It wasn't a solid improvement over 4.10. would be night and day over 3.73. But it ain't cheap. But worth it IMO.
  3. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    I regeared to 4.56 and took care of that. It's in a happier place now in top gear.
  4. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    I disagree completely. Mine preforms beautifully. But manual transmissions tend to generate widely varying opinions by nature.
  5. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    FWIW mine went off without a hitch and I've got one of the oldest JL's. I think I'd have them give the reprogram another go if there was a problem.
  6. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    Sounds like the IP reprogram was botched. I'm sure they'll fix it.
  7. Would love to see Jeeps that are owned by women!

    Thanks! It's nice. It's a Rugged Ridge Arcus. I wish I'd known about it when I bashed my stock front bumper a year or so ago. I would have gone this route and saved a couple bucks! It is very light, too, and the winch plate is solid. I wasn't sure about the big hooks, but in person I think...
  8. Who else is happy with the Pentastar?

    When stock, the throttle adjusts when in low range to a sensitivity level I like very much. When you set this thing to normal, will it behave like normal both in high and in low range? In other words, will it change like the factory setup when you go to low range? I think for me the big...
  9. Who else is happy with the Pentastar?

    Is that a throttle programmer?
  10. 488s or 456s. That is the question

    I've got 4.10s now and 6th gear is just too tall. The general consensus I've gathered is 4.56 is the sweet spot for 35's and 4.88 for 37's. I went with 35's because I do a good bit of highway driving. It should be a little better, power wise, than it was with 4.10's and 33's from the factory...
  11. 488s or 456s. That is the question

    4.56 gears are going in on Tuesday! I can't wait to drive it! Any break-in procedure? I'm thinking just drive gently and vary the speed, then I'll probably change the fluid around 5 to 7k miles. I also have to remember to set the Tazer to the new ratio.
  12. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    That's the way I'm going. I've got my Dana/Spicer 4.56 rings/pinions and the front Master Overhaul kit. I'm just waiting on the rear kit and then a good friend that runs a Jeep mod shop will install them. I'm really looking forward to what this does to 5th and 6th gear! The Jeep is great and...
  13. Bestop Supertop 2 bed topper installed - pics & feedback

    Wow, I really like that! It gives LOTS of versatility!
  14. Interesting build at the dealership - Brush Firefighting Jeep Gladiator Promo Build

    So, why not build it with a higher capacity rear suspension? It's already pretty heavily modded, so why not go that extra step to get 250 gallons on it. One advantage the JT has over a full size truck is that is is a bit more narrow. As for overlanding, I'd just stick with the stock bed and...
  15. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Ok, that winds up with a bit taller gearing, but not terribly taller. It probably performs about like my JL with 35's and 4.10 gearing. But again, it is a heavier vehicle than the JL. I can see more slipping to get going but the 1st gear is still pretty short. I think @NachoRuby is right...
  16. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    1. Much of that is to do with the very short first gear. 2. I don't experience that so much. What size tires and axle ratio are you running? Remember, too, mine is a JLUR and is a bit lighter than a similarly equipped JTR. 3. Yep, it is really too tall, IMO. I'd love for it to be quite...
  17. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Absolutely! Thank you @Knightindullarmor ! I know there are others around here who haven't shared or said much about it but also served, as well. I'm deeply grateful for all of them. I'm also sad to hear of any suffering they may endure from it. That's a burden they carry for our freedom...
  18. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    I've always just stuck with aspirin. But not in large quantities, of course. I've had an uncle that had serous liver problems with Acetaminophen. This is the first I've learned of problems with NSAIDS and kidneys, but I've never heard of anyone requiring large doses until this thread. I'm...
  19. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Typo. 2500. It gets to about 230 at 2500. Thanks for alerting me to it. Actually, I've seen a power curve from FCA that showed 175 maybe 180 ft. lbs at 1500, which is probably at the crank, in reference to the Gladiator version, which is the same as the JL version. 150 or slightly less at...