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  1. JKS vs. Mopar Express lifts

    Sport S max tow. So it depends on your opinion of upgrade. Offroad, yeah. On the street, I much prefer the stock suspension. Jeep nailed it for a daily driver. But stock was to squishy for anything mildly bumpy Offroad. But all things equal, I love this lift. It’s just the natural change to a...
  2. JKS vs. Mopar Express lifts

    I have the 3.5" JKS with fox shocks. Love it. Rides stiffer than stock, which is nice offroad but I adored the stock ride. I miss the stock suspension for a daily, but love the JKS offroad. I don't like cam bolts, and added adjustable LCAs. The JKS is the most complete and reasonably priced...
  3. How did I do on price? Jeep Gladiator Sport S with Max Towing package

    I paid $43009 for my max tow. Headliner, bedliner, premium audio, aux switches. I'd be pretty shocked if people are getting that for much lower.
  4. New Exodus Jeeps High Clearance Rear Bumper

    Watched that video last night too! This is what I hoped would come to market soon. I could care less about towing, really, and he's right-- the hitch could go back on in the event I planned to tow. I bought my gladiator knowing it would hit the rocks. I love, love, love doing things people...
  5. First to install a rear jl wrangler arb air locker into the FRONT of a jt sport.

    Looking good. Definitely watching but I’m waiting for E lockers to get to market. Had I know how far the aftermarket was I probably would’ve ponies up more for a Rubi.
  6. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    But then you're missing the frame stiffening, knuckles, steering wheel, seats, and hydro bumps. Overall I think the Mojave is a fairly good deal.
  7. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    Please do, Id like to see someone with skill take a go. I have a HF 90 amp and I rushed to be done in time to put the kids to bed. Overall this took me 30 mins from cut, weld, (grind), then I put on JB weld putty for looks, then painted. Ill likely grind the front to remove that big 90 edge and...
  8. Jeep Expands Badge of Honor Mobile App With 7 New Trails

    No new ones for CA, darn. I suspect they'll never make a Hammers badge as KOH would probably cost them a lot of money in badges! But after collecting all the ones in Socal, it's a pretty nifty thing Jeep does.
  9. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    Yeah, I don't care for how far back that sticks. I want a permanent solution and neither want to run my knees into it, nor my kids heads. I'm going to make a super-low profile skid, as with a wheelbase this long, every inch farther off and below the back is undesirable. I almost wanted to...
  10. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Those internal bypass shocks wouldn't be long enough and would have to be replaced completely. That's partly why I was ok with a max tow sport. But now I'm here wishing I had a cooler hood, a steel rear bumper, fenders, and the lockers. I didn't think there would be so few locker options and...
  11. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    I want a hitch skid, but the ones currently on the market aren't low profile enough. I think I might weld one up myself. Just ordered a $12 hitch from amazon to start: I'm going to invert it, cut off...
  12. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Aww yiss. Love it. Edit-- saw one online for 51k with LED and premium audio. If I had to make the same decision today... Man it would be tough. If I would be ok without lifting it, which I'm not, I would be all over that.
  13. Stock looking aftermarket steel REAR bumpers

    It is really odd how few bumpers have bedside protection.... :/
  14. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    I have the rockhard sliders, and while I'm happy with a lot of the things I order, I was particularly impressed with the build quality of the sliders. I'm eager to order their rear skids.
  15. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Love my superchips programmer. Worth it.
  16. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    One touch window "up" instead of just down seems simple enough to give us. :(
  17. Wait for Diesel or just get a gasser?

    Expect a huge premium on an already expensive truck if you want a diesel. As much as I'd enjoy a diesel, I'd have to think long and hard about a $6k option.
  18. California Mopar hard tri fold bed cover for sale

    Hm. Still for sale? San Diego is a bit of a jaunt but not terrible.