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  1. AirLift rear bag system - info you need to know

    Just got a set delivered yesterday. Also ordered the daystar 3/4” spacers front and rear just for a tad more clearance on the trails. Should help with the tent, canopy, and other gear over the rear axle and future winch on the front axle.
  2. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    Wonder no more: CDJ + Fiat place in BOTTOM 8. Ram is 14th (from the bottom). Here’s hoping the designs borrowed from the Ram 1500 will help the JT, although it’s a pretty low ceiling.
  3. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! So I guess there is still a tiny bit of interference between the handle and the bumper and small shave to either one should do the trick. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to trim the bumper and not the handle?
  4. RLD designs pic request

    Yep, full-size iKamper Skycamp 2.0. Love it. Just finished five nights around Moab. Three of them on the White Rim in Canyonlands. Amazing trip. Crazy comfortable even as a side-sleeper.
  5. Aftermarket SKID PLATE options

    I'm starting to look at the ASFIR products. Made in and shipped from Israel. Huge thread on the JL forum on aftermarket skid plates, 95% of the discussion is on the ASFIR product and it seems pretty solid, no complaints. Lots of photos. Here's one powder coated red: 1/4" 5052 aluminum and...
  6. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    @Donkey Fluffer, sorry if you posted this already, but can you confirm if you had any install issues with the Badland Apex and the Rugged Ridge Spartacus winch plate? Did you have to trim the engagement handle and/or use the Poison Spyder spacers to get it to clear?
  7. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    I am a Tesla fanboy but will 100% admit they are deserve last place in the "initial quality" study ;) My friend just took delivery of a Model Y and it's MISSING a cowl cover. :facepalm:
  8. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    I have a Tesla Model 3. IMHO, it is the best product (not just vehicle) you can buy in any category at any price, but for reasons OTHER than initial quality. I have had a several issues when I purchased it 2018 (panel alignment, charge port door) and a couple still come up every once in a...
  9. Fuse Pull Technique May Help Fix Some Steering Issues

    But did you have loose steering issue prior to trying it? Confirmed by comparing to a JT without the issue?
  10. Fuse Pull Technique May Help Fix Some Steering Issues

    IF the steering issue stems from a poor calibration and IF the reset trick forces a recalibration, it could absolutely work like this. Keyword: IF. I’m just hypothesizing based on the context and the recommends steps.
  11. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    I’m speaking about EV 4x4s, SUVs, and trucks as a segment rather than just Jeeps. I’m also asserting that Jeep will want to participate in this new segment in some way. This is evident in Mark Allen’s comments, which is the basis of this thread. What I’m NOT claiming is that these new products...
  12. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    No, I’m well aware of rated vs actual range which is why I even bothered to use the term “rated” in the first place. 100 to 150 miles off road should be a piece of cake in my estimation, otherwise the engineers are not doing their job and designing in a large enough battery. Off-roading is...
  13. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    But we gotta differentiate between electric off-road vehicle and electric “overlanding” vehicle, whatever your definition of overlanding is. Not everyone is going to do multi-day 200+ mile trips away from civilization. Heck, most people don’t even take their Jeeps off-pavement! I’m about to...
  14. Sale for June - Harbor Freight Winch

    I have around 10 coupons gather from various magazines or mailers and looked at the fine print. None say not valid on winches or Badlands products.
  15. Sale for June - Harbor Freight Winch

    Yeah, doesn’t seem like much of a sale when you can get it for $479 with coupon. Please let us know if you’re able to stack!
  16. California Split box of 60 black lug nuts, three sets total.

    Anyone want to split this set of black lug nuts? Good for three sets total, I only need one set of 20. We’ll split costs evenly as I don’t need to make...
  17. What is next for your Gladiator?

    After adding the RLD canopy last week (already had the iKamper RTT), what’s next is 3-nights on the White Rim Trail in Moab/Canyonlands :rock:
  18. RLD designs pic request

    I’m also not sure how much weight I want up top. With the RTT and the RLD itself, I’ve already raised the CoG a good bit.
  19. RLD designs pic request

    Not yet. I’m going to use it for a couple trips, and see where I would like to put things, how I would like to organize things. I think I want to get the table mount that attaches to the ceiling of the canopy, but again, not yet.
  20. RLD designs pic request

    That’s exactly the issue. I’m thinking of shifting the RTT rails apart to clear the outside RLD rails and potentially add a third one in the space between the two RLD rails without the vent.