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  1. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Little River Canyon Rim road, just outside Ft Payne Alabama. Ok, so it wasn’t a dirt track but the family loved it. Been coming here since high school. Zoom in on the point in the foreground, its actually another overlook on the other side of the canyon.
  2. Greg’s white JT max tow

    You’ve got a good lookin’ rig. Nice tires and wheels!
  3. 2021 Bronco

    Actually, ford’s initial quality is well behind FCA flagship brands Dodge, Ram and Jeep. Bronco will be plenty cool but I’d be concerned at how long its taken to come to market. I welcome it, will make the jeep brand stay sharp. Mopar or no car!
  4. License plate frame suggestions?

    I put a Georgia Bulldogs surround on, as if there was any other choice. Hunker Down Dawgs!!!’
  5. Blast from the past.

    Seriously, a single cab 6’ scrambler version would sell. I dig the short cab.
  6. Broke Owner's Club - Blue Hydro Sport S

    F the budget. Get the Fuels. Think about it this way - if the jeep was another $1500 but had the fuels, you would have jumped on it. Those wheels would look sick with that paint, you have a good eye. Live the dream man. Life is too short.
  7. Mall Crawler and 40s....

    We should listen to the dude more, and hate less. I bought my JTR with lift and tires. Then I mercilessly researched the next steps. Can’t get it offroad often supporting a family but its heaven when we do. The jeep gets comments and thumbs up on every pavement parade I take. I spent an hour on...
  8. Thoughts on spare tire carrier for 37” tire

    I am looking for a full size spare carrier. I run 37’s and don’t really want to put it under the truck (might fit) Also I’m not a big guy and can’t imagine putting it up on top of an overland rack, just being real. Mounting vertical is ok but a 37 looks kinda goofy vs the bed rail height that...
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Your jeep is bad ass. Love the color and the details. Keep the shiny side up!
  10. Post your payload pics!

    With the pandemic, it doesnt get to work much.
  11. Silvertruck build notes

    The toyo open country M/T’s are awesome. They hum a little on the road but I like that. They bite well but highway ride is also good for a mud tire. They look awesome and balance out really well. A little on the heavy side but super well built. Tough tire. Love them.
  12. BILLET SILVER Gladiator JT Club

    Thanks man Its on a mopar lift with an additional 3/4 spacer up front. Can see more about the truck specs here:
  13. Dealer advised pull to the right is normal!

    Ok - how many miles have you put on the tires? Long shot but if everything is in spec but there’s a wear pattern set in the tires then that can also cause your pull. If its the track bar or software issue then it may not show up on an alignment rack.
  14. Dealer advised pull to the right is normal!

    Make sure they check spec against the mopar lift specs. If that checks out, it may be either mechanical (the track bar creating pressure on the stabilizer causing the yank. If not that see if there is a software update involving the steering program. I have heard cases where an update fixes what...
  15. Dealer advised pull to the right is normal!

    My experience was that there was too much caster running stock LCA’s. Longer arms fixed it. If lift is too tall for track bar, axle goes left and you fight the stabilizer some. I put an adjustable track bar on and it works great. The kind of pull to the right I had was definitely not normal...
  16. Silvertruck build notes

    Here is the end result. Not the best pic, was raining. Thanks Line-x of Pelham! Has the upgraded UV protective coating and lifetime warranty. Turned out awesome.
  17. Big Beef for the JTR M210

    Can’t say enough good things about this forum, the many vloggers on youtube, and our local shop Elite Offroad in Chelsea AL. All were instrumental in helping us prioritize the mods and select the best combo for our needs.
  18. Silvertruck build notes

    I’m starting to think more about accessories and gear. I’m doing research on inflators, basic trail tools, and storage. I also need to figure out how I want to carry a full size spare. First things first - SilverTruck is getting linex today. Truck came with mopar slip in liner and I hated it...