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  1. My Alternate Jeep

    My Alternate Jeep

  2. Alternative to trail rail package?

    SuperStrut 10 foot length cut into two 51 inch rails. Had to trim one hole to get the rail to line up with the bed mounting points. 3/8 inch cone nuts with eye bolts in them for now. They are very easy to install and can be placed any where on the rail. Sprayed all the hardware with Dupli...
  3. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    Yeh that International is SWEET! 1968? It’s got Dana 80’s under it . Fire dept truck. We had a 1960 and older rally from Sedalia, CO down to Palmer Lake.
  4. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    1943 GPW (even though its a Ford) close behind was my 1975 CJ-5 Renegade V-8. Trying time find a picture.
  5. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    I think a WWII Jeep is an ultimate accessory for ANYTHING!
  6. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    Long story. First we have 4 other vintage military vehicles in OD green. Wife did not want the Gladiator in those colors. Second the Gladiator came to be because my factory ordered silver 2015 Hardrock Wrangler was totaled in a rear end collision early this month. I was hit by a lady doing 55...
  7. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    Various closeups. That’s a 12 volt PTO generator charging two 6 volt batteries (old Ford batteries in there) running a 12 volt radio pack. The radio pack in Jeep can be easily be unlatched and latched to a 12 volt battery pack so the radio can hauled up to the top of a hill or whatever. That...
  8. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    It is not actual M5 paint but I do have an original unopened can of that stuff. Great catch on that star. Most people don’t realize what that is. I will post some close shots of the radio and PTO generator shortly.
  9. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    How the old guy will get around on longer trips now. Had to through in the non-Jeep pics. My M998 staged for a “ride”. If the mirrors were off they were going to let me drive it in. Some Chinooks and Blackhawks were staged at the airport I fly out of in Denver before they did a honor flight...
  10. So, what is everybody towing?

    I would like to think my Jeep might have been on that train.
  11. So, what is everybody towing?

    As shown it would probably end up in the bed. I had just hooked it up to weigh tongue weight and see how the JT sat with the load on the hitch. For road travel it has four 15,000 lb ratcheting cargo straps securing it to the trailer. That was definitely for illustration purposes. Do not try...
  12. Your Other Jeep

    It’s been our big “pickup” for 20 years. Great truck. Super reliable. Except for no power steering blast to drive.
  13. So, what is everybody towing?

    19 foot car hauler with optional 1943 GPW. Total weight 4000 lbs. Tongue weight 450 pounds. Tows very nicely without equalizers. Chocks are screwed to the deck to ensure I keep the same tongue weight and provides more stabilization on the trailer than cargo straps and having it in gear.
  14. Your Other Jeep

    That’s a beautiful 1948 Dodge Power Wagon parked behind the deuce. Unfortunately it ain’t mine.
  15. Your Other Jeep

    1943 GPW. Yes it’s a Ford but still a Jeep. 1970 Kaiser/Jeep M35A2 (Big Jeep)
  16. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    My 1943 GPW next to my new 2020 Gladiator. The GPW is one of 414 radio Jeeps out of 278,000 Ford built during WWII. Radio Jeeps have a 12V PTO driven generator between the seats charging 2 bed mount 6V batteries powering a 12V fender mounted radio. Radio still works. Purchased the JT so I...
  17. Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Harness

    Just installed a Tekonsha Primus IQ model 90160 brake controller and a 3014-P harness taking a chance on the harness working with the Gladiator. It does. All brake and light functions work perfectly.
  18. New Addition to the Jeep Fleet

    New Addition to the Jeep Fleet