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  1. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    Excellent points. I don't see the diesel market expanding. The environmental challenges are just too significant. Manufacturers are clearly going electric for almost everything. I've even seen articles about electric semi trucks.
  2. 2021 Bronco

    I get the distinct impression Ford REALLY wants to create a Bronco enthusiast world just like the Jeep enthusiast world. I think that's great. Although, you don't see many people off roading-old Broncos these days. They have become just too expensive. (Which may be why Ford decided to bring back...
  3. Michelin military tires?

    To be an authentic military vehicle... - It should be on "E" every time you go to drive it because the last guy to drive it didn't fill it up - The battery should be dead every time you go to drive it because it's been a while since the last guy drove it - You'll need drip pans to place below...
  4. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    I've noticed recently diesel is priced just below regular gasoline. That makes the diesel a little more appealing, but no telling how long that will last. Last year I thought hard about waiting for a diesel, but when I considered the extra cost, the lower tow rating and the additional cost of...
  5. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    I bought my JT last December. I saw only two other Gladiators on the road in Colorado Springs. Until a month ago. Now I'm seeing Gladiators ALL OVER THE PLACE. I get the impression a lot of people wanted a Gladiator, but the dealers were just a bit too proud of them. Once we were thrust into...
  6. Blast from the past.

    I recently sold my Comanche and bought the Gladiator. I had that Comanche for over 20 years. It was great for knocking around on the weekends and hauling things from Lowe's. Overall, without a back seat area, it was really limited. In fact, I remember reading the reason Chrysler shot the...
  7. Waterproof storage bag for cargo bed

    I was recently at my local Harbor Freight. All the way in the back they had some waterproof bins. They look pretty nice and they are designed to compete with Pelican at a much lower price. I will likely pick up a few of them for camping. I'm hoping waterproof also means they will keep the dirt out.
  8. Gladiator Q2 2020 Sales Moves Up Into 3rd Place In Midsize Segment

    Yeah, no doubt Taco sales will dominate. Those trucks have such an imbedded reputation they sell themselves just by the name. So, although the Taco is certainly a good truck, number one in sales doesn't mean it's the best midsize truck. It means that's the truck people want because they've heard...
  9. 2021 Bronco

    Ford is currently hovering just below $6.00. GM is at $25.00 and FCA is just below $10.00. I'm not sure why Ford is lower than the others. The Bronco has a lot of sales potential. Ford is also partnering with VW to build a midsize truck. VW will be building a cargo van with Ford. I think Ford...
  10. 2021 Bronco

    OK, what I'm seeing in that article leaves me slightly impressed. I was sure everything Ford was saying about the new Bronco was nonsense hype and what they'd actually deliver would be a lame Ranger with a cap on the back. If the pictures in that article really are the new Bronco, that's great...
  11. Moab trails may soon be ruled by oil companies

    It's public land. The oil company can't buy it. Nor do they want to buy it. Why buy when they can lease? I just don't see the need to even lease when there's currently no money in pumping domestic petroleum.
  12. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    Genesis is the high-end brand for Hyundai as Lexus is to Toyota, Acura to Honda and Infiniti to Nissan.
  13. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    I've heard that a lot over the years. I was a subscriber to CR magazine for decades. People who accuse them of anti-domestic car bias aren't aware most of their reviews are based on owner experience. All the reliability data comes from people who actually own the cars. I used to get the CU auto...
  14. Jeep Places in Top 11 of JD Powers Initial Quality Survey

    Emphasis on "initial". I got one of those surveys. I love my Gladiator, but it was still *very* new at the time I completed the survey. I suppose it was the same situation for the other vehicles.
  15. Moab trails may soon be ruled by oil companies

    Dollars are exactly my point. There doesn't appear to be any money in pumping more oil right now. The price of oil is too low to make it worth their while.
  16. Moab trails may soon be ruled by oil companies

    Right now and into the foreseeable future the planet has more petroleum than it needs. Oil prices are very low. It makes no sense that an oil company is looking to exploit Moab for petroleum exploration.
  17. Wait for Diesel or just get a gasser?

    I don't think it should be, "for a mid-size truck". I think any diesel should put out gobs of torque no matter what chassis its bolted into. I can understand less towing capacity in a mid-size compared to a full-size due to wheelbase and other specs. But why should a V6 diesel in a Gladiator...
  18. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    If danieljustyn can have multiple wives, then I can have ... Christina Hendricks in the passenger seat. ;)
  19. Wait for Diesel or just get a gasser?

    Reasons to get a diesel: - Amazing torque - Oustanding towing capacity - Much better MPG than a gasoline engine The new Jeep diesel has mediocre torque, *LESS* towing capacity than the gas engine and only slightly better MPG. Oh, and it costs a *LOT* more. I was excited about a diesel...
  20. Bed Liner: Shop Vs. Do-It-Myself

    OK. I'm waiting for the bed liner kit to ship. I got the Tepui HyBox.