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  1. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    Entered. I am biased, but I think it would be cool to be built up as a mountain biking camping rig. Because everybody is doing vans these days, but gladiators are waaaay cooler than a van.
  2. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    My order is nearly exactly yours, just minus remote start, and have gone between D and D1 multiple times and am still in D1. Received VIN 6/25.
  3. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    I’ve bounced around several times as well and I am in D1 again. I received my VIN 6/25
  4. Finally towed with my gladiator.

    Is this at stock tires and height? You're truck looks both lifted and stock at the same time at some angles, so I am not sure.
  5. Saw FIVE in 3 hours!!

    Wow! That looks super good debadged and clean like that! Great truck!
  6. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    I received VIN on June 25. Still in D1.
  7. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Congratulations! She is a beaut! Did you get a quote to ship your truck from Kent per chance?
  8. Up to 7% off in Idaho

    You are right. It is definitely cheaper over the long term to refinance than keep a high interest rate. I am going to double check something, but I was under the impression that re-amortizing is a way to lower your monthly payment on your bill while not affecting your credit score for the first...
  9. Up to 7% off in Idaho

    Do you know if you can make a big first payment then reamoritize the loan the first month? So the only money exchanging hands when you see them is 1k from your initial deposit?
  10. Up to 7% off in Idaho

    I wish. I am still in D status. Let me know how who you go with for shipping though and price if possible.
  11. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Consider me visually pleasured
  12. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    It's beautiful! Congratulations! It definitely renews my excitement for this color!
  13. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Welp, Last Friday I was put in D1 (7/12), checked again today and now I am back in D somehow. The person on jeep chat said they see me scheduled to be put into D1 next week.
  14. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Whoa, our VINs are pretty close. I am 133841. Also in D1 as of yesterday. And I too have a first gen (1976) Ford Bronco.
  15. Looking to get rid of my “Jeep JT” license plate

    That’s such a good plate! I’m so tempted....
  16. Sting grey owners (future) check in

    Got my VIN on June 25th, now in D1 status.
  17. Video: Modifying Factory Rock Rails

    Great work, man! Those look fantastic!
  18. Project WildHeart - OUR JT BUILD

    The first pic may be one of my favorite wheel and lift combos I have seen yet. The proportions look perfect!
  19. First Granite Crystal VIN# Post Here

    It looks to be a sport, which you can't get bodies colored, so it is black.
  20. Select speed control

    So you are OFFRD on youtube?