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  1. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Hauled some big lumber around.
  2. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    The fronts are the ones that make a big difference.
  3. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    I think mudflaps should at least be offered, they make a huge difference in keeping the sides clean in daily driving (and eliminating rock chips on the hinges, though it's a jeep so don't really care about that part). I installed them and my kids no longer get dirty climbing in and out. I...
  4. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Wanted all the off road goodies so I wouldn't get stuck and no warranty issue if anything broke. I'm done doing anything major to my DD that will involve it not being running for more than a few hours, hence I got a loaded Rubicon and let the dealer take care of it if anything breaks.
  5. Gladiator bed durability

    The factory bedliner is extremely durable in my experience. I do not take it easy with it, have hauled forewood, dragged metal (old dishwasher) across it and abused the tailgate with only some marks on the plastic tailgate cap and outlet cover to show for it. That's a 300+lb 24' rough cut 4x12...
  6. Tonneau Cover Photos and Fit, I need help making a choice.

    I'm a huge fan of the fasttop travel package, tonneau and soft top in one. I don't use the soft topper often but it's invaluable when I do need it and stays folded under the tonneau when I don't.
  7. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    That's the only other "jeep" I currently have, so I guess that could be considered my 2nd favorite.
  8. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    In order of favorite to least favorite: '18 JLUR '04 TJ '83 CJ-7 '89 grand wagoneer '95 YJ '74 CJ-5 renegade If I could find the tj, I'd buy it back, loved it and regret selling it.
  9. Can You Lock Rear Differential in 4High?

    I did finally get stfa. I'm not bullish on getting the locker in 4hi, but we'll see.
  10. Storing your Freedom Top bag?

    I kept it in the bed under the tonneau, then swapped to a sunrider so it's now in the garage with the tops in it. I'll swap them back on in the winter. I do way more open top driving with the sunrider than I did with the freedom panels, it's so much more convenient.
  11. Thule TracRac with Trail Rails - working setup

    If you have trail rails you do, otherwise the included brackets work.
  12. Thule TracRac with Trail Rails - working setup

    Get 2 sets of these if you have trail rails.
  13. So, what is everybody towing?

    Thanks for the info, really nice setup. Can't decide whether to go with something like that or a basecamp for more boondocking - or a resto-mod on the '67.
  14. So, what is everybody towing?

    Nice! What year/model? I'm thinking about selling my '67 overlander (27') for something new(er).
  15. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Review: For most buyers, the Mojave will make more sense than the Rubicon [Autoblog]

    I don't the difference there is that large and could be, at least somewhat, compensated for with shock damping. Even if it ends up with the Mojave tow rating (so a Mojave with front locker, sway disconnect and some missing skid plates) it'll still be a pretty cool package. I'm surprised they...
  16. 1:32 diecast model Jeep Gladiator!!!

    Based on the pics, right behind the front axle.
  17. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Review: For most buyers, the Mojave will make more sense than the Rubicon [Autoblog]

    I'm sure they'll release a Rubicon/Mojave mash up in a few years as a special edition when they're trying to move units. Think Rubi with upgraded frame, knuckles and shocks. As long as it gets the 7k lb tow rating of the Rubi, it'll be the JT to get.
  18. So, what is everybody towing?

    It does well, I have a weight distributing hitch and it's only around 5000lbs loaded up. I get around 13mpg towing.