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  1. Trans America Trail

    Thanks for those updates. Really sucks about the BLM portion and the private company.
  2. Trans America Trail

    I planned on getting the .GPX files from Sam. I like what he has done. I plan on taking a chain saw and trimming back some over growth or if there are felled trees i can take care of them instead of having to reroute if at all possible. Thanks for putting up your video. every little bit helps...
  3. Trans America Trail

    I have seen alot of people use fairly stock vehicles do quite a bit of the TAT. I dont plan on doing much to the Glad before i head out suspension wise. Id like to keep it as stock and reliable as possible. I dont rock crawl any more. Not much of that in So Florida.
  4. Trans America Trail

    Nice. Im looking at starting at the Outer Banks, probably Hattaras lighthouse and heading west. But it wont be till 2021. Than bouncing thru the GA traverse and then picking back up the TAT. I wouldnt mind doing some of the trail on a motorcycle while my GF follows in the Gladiator, but she...
  5. Trans America Trail

    [QUOTE="Mark Doiron, post: 471348, member: 23543" Thanks for the info. Right after i posted i read about the 'new" road going up to Tuk. Id probably do that as well but than also to Deadhorse as that is the Official End/Start of the Pan American. Whats another week or so of driving. Haha...
  6. Trans America Trail

    Im thinking about doing the TAT on the way to Alaska. Wanting to hit Deadhorse in the artic to start the Pan American Highway.
  7. Trans America Trail

    Has anyone done or are looking into doing the TAT in a Gladiator? Im looking at doing it next summer (2021) on my way up to Alaska. Any advise or anyone looking to do the same?
  8. Rear bumper recommendations?

    Is there a rear winch bracket available yet?
  9. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    So it just got off the truck. Unfortunately I’m still out of the country. So freaking excited to be able to pick it up next week. Total time from order to delivery to dealer was 3 weeks and 4 days.
  10. On Board Air: Pre-Fab’d mounts/DIY & Chucks (Where & Why) this ones been out for a bit
  11. What is your Jeep History?

    83 cj7 89 yj 89 xj limited 01 xj sport 04 tj x 04 tj sport 04 wj Limited 20 jt rubicon (waiting delivery)
  12. Seat Covers for a Gladiator...

    Bartact now has seat covers for the rear seat without the fold down arm rest.
  13. SEMA 2019

    id like to see some of those Boron skid plates that AEV has for the Bison. Also like was said before a rear bumper/ tire carrier and rocker armor.
  14. South Florida Gladiator Club

    I finally put my order in yesterday. Hydro Rubicon. Cant wait. Im up in Lake Park. Looking forward to meeting up w everyone. This will be my 9th jeep i believe.
  15. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    No they are not. Just noting that the prices for both have gone up. If you agree on a price with your dealer in writing and they submit your order, If prices do change they (dealer) cannot charge more.
  16. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    If you ordered your gladiator you should have an agreed upon price before the order was placed. That will lock in your price, so even if the window sticker says one thing they shouldnt be able to charge you for it. Just like the new uptick in price for the 8.4" and tow package.
  17. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    I finally just put my order in today. Congrats to all that are finally receiving theirs. I cant wait to get mine. Been out of the jeep game for too long now.
  18. tow package increase?

    Also the 8.4 is now $1695 as was stated before.
  19. tow package increase?

    I just got a build configuration from 2 dealers yesterday and yes the tow package is $350.