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  1. Picking up a 2020 next week

    Congrats. Why are my eye balls not looking a photos?
  2. So i was 1 day old today

    Thought that would be too much info at one time. Wish that they had a manual that described all of these features.
  3. So i was 1 day old today

  4. Rebate on Rubicon?

    Have not heard that. Jeep's website shows 0% financing for 36 months as the only incentive on Rubicons and Mojaves in our area
  5. So i was 1 day old today

    Wait until you find the lock on the top of the rear driver's side seat. You will go nuts
  6. Dealer Scams

    You may be an upstanding person Shootist, but I think the lying customers are no better than lying salesmen. Go on the sales person blogs and forums. I do that from time to time for a little counter intelligence and entertainment. The stories are hilarious. What about the never ending advice to...
  7. Frame rust.

    Yes. Just not hot parts like the exhaust.
  8. Dealer Scams

    I don't mind going into the mud pit to negotiate with high volume dealers. Last thing that I would expect is that they would be ethical. They are trying to make a profit for their dealership, and you are trying to beat them up on price to get the lowest price. Let the games begin. If they don't...
  9. Frame rust.

    No rust. As soon as i got the JT home after delivery, I hit the frame with fluid film. Looks brand new.
  10. Highly Customized Gladiator Rubicon "Launch Edition" - Worth $120K?

    Hopefully he got some money up front from the client, otherwise he is not going to make out so well. Is this your friends jeep that he modified for a client, or a client's jeep that he modified?
  11. Luck with PA dealers?

    Bought from Ladd Hanford, Hondru and the last one came from Apple in Hanover. Seems like at different times of the year, at least one dealer is willing to make a deal. Shop around, but in Pa you generally won't get your best price online.
  12. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Very nice. Did not know they hit the lots yet.
  13. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I started out looking at the Sport but ended up buying a Rubicon in November, which was before Jeep came out with the $2k rebate on the Sports. If I got the Sport, I would have added tires, wheels, rock rails, bed line and bed cover. The dealer had a Rubi on the lot that netted out about $4k...
  14. Show me your trail damage

    Those pin stripes from branches would drive me nuts. I keep a pole chainsaw in my bed to cut away the branches that would do damage.
  15. Homelink not working after rain storm

    If that is the dumbest thing you do, consider yourself lucky
  16. Homelink not working after rain storm

    Anytime connections get wet, I hit them with some compressed air and hope. 50/50 chance.
  17. Access hole in tailgate lets in crud

    May be worth getting a tail gate gap seal if you are going to haul loose material
  18. Door straps and hinge needed?

    I would imagine that connecting loop acts as a support for the wiring harness as well. No reason not to connect it.
  19. Rubicon Side Hood Decal info?

    All of the letters are 2" high, but the width varies from 4 1/2" to 5". The bottom of the R measures 5"
  20. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    Wow, sorry to hear you lost the first round.