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  1. Service start/stop first day of ownership

    How long did it sit on the lot (manufacture date)? This is usually from a discharged or defective ESS battery (the small one mounted under the fuse box). If you take it back to the dealer, and they say the issue is from a bad battery, make sure both batteries get replaced.
  2. Would you pay monthly for your heated seats to work?

    As has been shown in other threads, the wiring is not always there. Those who have wanted to add a front camera and bed outlet have discovered this. Jeep apparently modifies the base harness depending on the options ordered from the factory. The software is a sunk cost spread across all the...
  3. 2H on overland

    I don't know if it's necessary, but I do it occasionally just to try and keep things lubricated. Best to avoid doing it on dry pavement.
  4. Mojave Lift Options

    The Mojave was designed with a specific purpose in mind, and comes equipped with some expensive Fox shocks. The group it is being marketed to are not supposed to be interested in lifting it. Any lift will likely require changing those shocks. Replacing them with equivalent Fox shocks won't be...
  5. Help with headlights

    I don't, but I have read some posts about it somewhere on here. Have you contacted Oracle Support?
  6. Picking up a 2020 next week

    You bought a Jeep pickup, nothing wrong about that. Unless you need the extra torque offered by the diesel, I don't believe it's worth the extra cost. There's a large premium to get the engine, fuel costs more, and the DEF expense eats up the potential fuel savings. I had a 2006 Silverado...
  7. Duel Steering Stabilizer

    I bought the Fox bolt-on replacement for the factory stabilizer. I watched for many months and picked it up off Amazon for $128. Now, I just need to crawl under there and install it.
  8. What is the best winch for my Jeep Gladiator 2020? Winch installation and Warranty.

    I got a Warn VR-8S winch off of Ebay for about a third of what Jeep charges for their winch. I installed a Curt front receiver and got a Curt receiver mount for the winch. I used a Warn wiring kit with the plugs so it is removable.
  9. What is the best winch for my Jeep Gladiator 2020? Winch installation and Warranty.

    I prefer Warn, but there are a lot of options available, many less expensive. If warranty is a big issue, get a winch from the dealer. It will cost a lot more, but it should be a Warn...
  10. Duel Steering Stabilizer

    Uncheck the titles only. There's a lot of results in the messages, but none in the titles.
  11. Duel Steering Stabilizer

    Try doing a search for Dual Steering Stabilizer. I got a lot of results.
  12. Auxiliary switches question

    Any bare metal place should work to attach the negative wire. There should be a couple nuts under the dash that can be used, and likely a spot near where the lights will mount. You could run a wire from the frame ground by the battery, but it's not really necessary.
  13. Is there a way to roll windows up remotely?

    No, there's no remote window control. The FOB has to be in the truck to operate them. Nothing works, except the radio and climate control, when the remote start is used, until the FOB is in the truck and the start button is pressed.
  14. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    It depends on the state you buy in. Nevada has no 'change your mind' period. Once you sign the papers, that's it. Everything you want has to be in writing before you sign.
  15. device not supported

    Replace the USB cable. See the link I posted at the beginning of the thread. That cable is working very well with my Galaxy 8.
  16. Finally available! > 2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories - Trailer Brake Controller - 82215652
  17. USB in the back of the center console

    The Cargo Management option has to be factory installed to get the 120v outlet in the bed.
  18. REDLINE JL JT Wrangler Gladiator Hood Strut install. Jeep How to tips and tricks. Shock Lift Clip

    They also have the Elite model, which has stainless steel struts. I ordered one of these for my Overland.
  19. License plate frame suggestions?

    I put one of these on mine.
  20. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    That would be nice, but it would create an issue with heat due to where it is mounted. Instead of finding a better spot, they reduced output to manage heat dissipation for the location chosen.