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  1. Best bed cover for the money?

    My Gator Tri-fold from RealTruck is working out great! It keeps the bed dry and it’s easy to install and operate.
  2. Beat by Amazon yet again

    Paper weight???? That must be some mighty big paper.
  3. Your Jeep's name

    JT the Silver Bullet Of course it’s silver and being a Jeep; I thought bullet was an adequate description.
  4. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    The JT seems to have plenty of get up. I am coming out of a 07 Ridgeline and they are about the same in power but my JT get better gas mileage.
  5. "Truck" or "Jeep"?

    JT the Silver Bullet
  6. Thanks for the add.

    Got added last night -THANKS- so this is day one to the forum. Signed my children away (LAUGH) for“JT the Silver Bullet” last Friday. I am super excited about joining the Jeep Family. I have driven them all but now I am simply a truck guy and the Gladiator was a no-brainer for me.