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  1. New Gladiator - hot floors

    Take a reading of your floorboard with an IR thermometer. I just now completed a 420 mile road trip in mine, with no complaints from the barefooted kids in the back.
  2. Alignment Issue

    Suspension components should generally be tightened and torqued with weight on the suspension. Otherwise, they will be in a bind when driving. If all the joints on the new components are of a non-binding type, this does not apply...
  3. Alignment Issue

    It’s hard to tell from the photo/description, but those look to have polyurethane bushings. In my opinion, standard polyurethane bushings wear out too quickly and can cause further issues down the road.
  4. Alignment Issue

    Centering the axle and re-torquing the bolts will not change your caster or camber. Jeeps have certain driving characteristics. Following the crown of the road is kind of one of them. Camber is not adjustable unless you change the ball joints, which typically isn’t necessary.
  5. Rock Rails Thread

    They are for cosmetic purposes only. They bolt to the body, and are not strong enough to use as an actual rock rail.
  6. Alignment Issue

    You can do either longer lower arms, or shorter upper arms to increase your caster angle. Going back to stock would make it worse. That said, have you driven it on a road which “crowns” to the left, to see if it then pulls to the left?
  7. New Exodus Jeeps High Clearance Rear Bumper

    Good concept, but poor execution. It doesn’t offer any side or rear protection from minor impacts.
  8. New Gladiator - hot floors

    We’ve heard this complaint before, but the guy who made it was abducted by aliens (actually, he and his profile disappeared completely), and all of his threads were removed by the admins. I guess we will see what happens to this one...
  9. Rear sway bar end links how long

    Center to center
  10. Rear sway bar end links how long

    Close to 13.25...
  11. Rear sway bar end links how long

    It depends on rear shock extended length, not lift height. How long of a shock will you be running? I’m running 28” long shocks, and the Metalcloak 12.25” sway bar links are perfect.
  12. Advice for those who have done spacer lifts (non-suspension)... advice please!

    Started with 2” Daystar lift and 37” Ridge Grappler tires. Have added adjustable lower front arms, rear JKS Fox Shocks, adjustable front track bar, longer rear sway bar links. Next up is 2” Synergy front springs and longer Fox Shocks, then...
  13. What fender flares are these?

    Those are factory flares with the lower half removed. Look up “JL fender chop” videos.
  14. Rear Wheel Fender Trim

    Look for JL or JT “fender chop” videos. I don’t believe you will be able to replace that. How bad is the damage?
  15. Programmer/Tuner that will work with Gladiator and 1999 Cherokee

    What are you trying to do with it for the Comanche, just read codes? The earliest FCA vehicle listed in the JScan for modifications is 2004.
  16. New Superchips Pulsar for 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    Your very first post is telling us how great this newly revised product will be??
  17. Need torque value for stock front trackbar @ axle

    Here are some JT torque values from (I think) the Mopar lift:
  18. Will mopar 2” lift Fox Shocks work for 3.0” RK lift?

    Here are RK's generic shock length recommendations: Generic Front Shock Length – 17.5” Collapsed/ 29.5” Maximum Extended Generic Rear Shock Length – 17” Collapsed/ 28” Maximum Extended I think the answer is yes, but they will be less than ideal for maximum travel/performance.
  19. Will mopar 2” lift Fox Shocks work for 3.0” RK lift?

    I believe the rear Mopar 2” shocks are 27” long, which might be about 1” shorter than ideal. What is the extended length of the Mopar 2” front shocks? I’ve forgotten... Edit: Found it. The fronts are 26.25” long. That is about 2” shorter than many 3” lifts, but identical to what comes with the...