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  1. RTT owners, are you satisfied with..

    Thanks. I like the cross bars come off so easy and it still works with a cover.
  2. RTT owners, are you satisfied with..

    What rack do you have that on?
  3. Roof leak in back

    Got the new window installed. No more leaking. They didn’t put the inside trim back up along the top. When I went to do it when I got home I realized they broke most of the plastic clips and it won’t stay up now. Must be why they didn’t put it back up. One more thing to deal with, but the leak...
  4. Roof leak in back

    The dealer wants to order me a new back window. The couldn’t get my window to seal correctly, it looks like there’s a defect in the glass. Waiting for a call back to see if FCA approves the order for a new window.
  5. Roof leak in back

    no they said it will be covered under warranty
  6. Roof leak in back

    I had my appointment today. They said they need to have the rear window resealed. A glass company is coming Thursday to do it. They need to remove the rear glass and then reseal it. I posted on a FB group about it and someone commented they had the same issue and they were told the rear window...
  7. Roof leak in back

    I have the three piece hard top and noticed a water leak behind the back seat today. It’s coming in from above the sliding window. I know the freedom panels sometimes leak if not seated properly. But I have heard of anything in the back yet. Anyone having a leak back there?
  8. Changing Fog lights to amber?

    Did you need to use a Tazer to switch the computer settings to LED?
  9. New Jersey Disregard this post - LED fog lights

    No longer looking. Post can be deleted
  10. New Jersey Disregard this post - LED fog lights

    Looking for LED fog light take offs
  11. Looking for this Gladiator Grille

    That’s the one from BAM? It’s made for the gladiator? I’ve been looking but can only find it for the wrangler and the slots are different from what I’ve read.
  12. New Jersey SOLD - For Sale Sport S Rims and Tires With Sensors

    When I was looking for rubicon takeoffs, someone looked into it and I was estimated about $300 i think to ship them from FL to me. Probably not worth it for you to have them shipped. A set will probably pop up closer to home for you.
  13. New Jersey SOLD - For Sale Sport S Rims and Tires With Sensors

    I’ll basically give them away at this point
  14. MAX TOW owners HELP....

    mine was exactly the same way. I live on a hill with a stop sign at the bottom and it was bad shifting while going down when coming to the stop sign. I’m a little over 2k miles now and don’t notice it anymore.
  15. Giveaway Contest #2: Man Sized Gladiator Multi Tool!

    Cool idea. Count me in. Thanks
  16. New Jersey SOLD - For Sale Sport S Rims and Tires With Sensors

    Anybody want these? I just want them out of the garage.
  17. New Jersey SOLD - For Sale Sport S Rims and Tires With Sensors

    Sport S max tow rims and tires for sale. Include sensors and spare. Bridgestone Duelers A/T 245/75R17. Located in Bethlehem PA. Make an offer
  18. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Added some rubicon wheels and tires today to my sport s max tow.