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  1. Advice for those who have done spacer lifts (non-suspension)... advice please!

    Pricier than most but I recommend the AEV spacer kit. Comes with what you need including the procal module to adjust your tire sizes in the computer and some other things. Also AEV was involved heavily with the gladiator design and they build to high tolerances. I think the kit is around $400...
  2. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I built my jk as an overland rig. Had to regear. Add lockers. I didn’t get the 4:1 tcase which I wish I would have had. I had to add sliders and the price difference in the rubicon to turn my jk into almost a rubicon was a no brainer for me. There were two other factors. The rebates...
  3. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Because everything you said in your post suggested it as a work truck. No offense to anybody means of career. I have not seen all these Jeep ads you speak but ok. If that fits their marketing plan then so be it. I just don’t believe the JT belongs to any certain group. It is for everyone...
  4. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Disagree. It is for everyone including this systems engineer that pulls a camper or nothing at all. This isn’t just a blue collar Jeep.
  5. Video: Overlanding With Rubicon Gladiator vs Silverado Trail Boss in Moab (TFL)

    Yeah. Love the the fact they love their Rubi JT but I couldn’t finish the vid. And if they are here in the forum I’d love to discuss why.
  6. Video: Overlanding With Rubicon Gladiator vs Silverado Trail Boss in Moab (TFL)

    These guys need to know the TAT route they are planning to use includes large chunks of pavement. I’ve done the tat East to west on dual spirt bike and chunks of it MS to CO in my JK. Plan on doing some of it in my JT this summer as well. But it isn’t 100% dirt. Just mostly.
  7. Any issues from rain storm with no top?

    I hear ya brother. I built my share of trail TJs. My JK was my overland rig. (Http:// and now my JT was no compromises. Will be an overland build as well. Love my JT. This is why I asked about the rain. Lol. Cause you know else are gonna have those oh shit was...
  8. Any issues from rain storm with no top?

    Thanks. Yeah. That is why I asked. I worried none in my TJs. Worried a little in my JK. The JT is so integrated it is a it scary. It thanks for the info. Glad to hear the JL dashboard held up to the humidity well.
  9. Any issues from rain storm with no top?

    I had cloth in my TJs and JK. I put those Iggee seat covers and they were great. I have leather now and have treated them. Swamp ass will be less a factor these days. :LOL:
  10. Towing a 23 Foot Trailer

    Weight distribution hitch with the built in sway bars is a good idea. Just makes for a more comfortable and safe experience in my opinion. I have the husky branded one. Model 32217 with built in sway control.
  11. Any issues from rain storm with no top?

    I know there is a rubber seal around the infotainment screen but more concerned about all the buttons just below.
  12. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    I like some of these ideas and don’t need to repeat them but I will say one thing I am glad I have that I use all the time that I would not have opted for in a build is the proximity unlock and little button on the handle to lock functionality. I don’t mess with my key at all unless I want to...
  13. Any issues from rain storm with no top?

    Who has been full on caught in a rain storm with no top? Anything go wrong? Any problems? I’m talking Jeep outside in the parking lot at work and a down pour rolled in. No top.
  14. Bed Liner: Shop Vs. Do-It-Myself

    So I stripped out my TJ interior and sprayed in herculiner years ago. HVLP paint gun and a lot of plastic and tape. I sprayed in three coats. it held up great! It was a very rough texture. It never peeled or scraped up with all kinds of axles shafts and brake drums being thrown in the...
  15. How to Adjust the Slop out of the Steering System (I am finally happy with my Jeep)

    Just picked up my JT and I don’t think I have any issues - just normal Jeep ‘wandering’. I’m glad to see this type of info coming to the forums.
  16. Wait for Diesel or just get a gasser?

    That is tough to answer. This is new waters we are treading in. The power plant is proven so no real concerns there other than mating it to a Jeep. Bound to be some first year quirks. I think it comes down to the price tag. I thought about waiting as I have loved my Jetta TDI. But...
  17. Zero $ mod - Flip that rear view mirror upside down

    yes. But I did mis speak. I meant blind spot detection. Jeep does have a lane detection system lane-sense or something like that but it is on grands abs cherokees I think.
  18. TJ Willy’s Glady thread.

    Being a Dad is awesome. And thanks for the prayers. We should find out in late July if the procedures worked.
  19. TJ Willy’s Glady thread.

    Might as well start one of these rather than clog up the forum with several threads about tiny things I do to my Jeep. I’m TJ Willy and my real Jeep story began in 2001. But we won’t go back that far. Much.... Suffice it to say... I’m a Jeep guy. Had a ZJ with mild mods. Had an aha moment...