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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

  2. Suspension sag with winch?

    I added a winch AND a new bumper to my rubi and it sagged less than 1/4 inch. ymmv.
  3. Quadratec warning

    I hope they are reading this and it would be nice of them to respond. I personally haven't ordered from them yet, and I may not now after hearing all of this. I hope you guys get all your issues worked out.
  4. Happy Independence Day

    Happy independence day!,
  5. Tazer JL installation

    Got it installed now I need to get these tires mounted.
  6. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    I was with a few JLs and JKs . I was the only one who scraped getting out.
  7. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    I noticed the letters are more pronounced on one side.
  8. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    Plus DEF. Not sure how much that costs. I bought a diesel truck in 2003 for the first time. Then, diesel was less than regular gas. Within the first year of ownership the price of diesel went to where it is now in relation to gas. I thought I was a genious when I bought it with all the money...
  9. Door Limiters

    Dont push them all the way in! Do a search and you'll see the lengthy discussions about how hard it is to get them back out. I store my doors differently and I dont have a problem with them.
  10. Sirius XM reception no good!..

    I find in the spring and summer it's much worse because of the trees. I have no problems on the open roads. Winter time it gets better for me. I deal with it.
  11. Rausch Creek BoH Quest July 5th

    I second the request for pics. Have fun!
  12. Stock Skid Pad with EAG Bumper??

    If you decide to go for it please post an update.
  13. Stock Skid Pad with EAG Bumper??

    I like that one and the price is good too. If I would have seen that one when I bought mine I probably would have gone with it. As far as weather or not the skid plate will work, who knows. Are you handy enough to do some cutting if need be?
  14. Stock Skid Pad with EAG Bumper??

    My bumper is EAG and the stock skid plate fit without a problem. I took it off during the install because I thought it wouldn't fit ,but I was able to bolt it right back on. Of course not all bumpers are the same. Which one you going with?
  15. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Got mine delivered today. Half my local shops dont have the ability to mount 35s and the other half are swamped. Looks like the end of next week I'll get them mounted.
  16. Tazer JL installation

    I just got my tazer yesterday. Should I plug it I to my computer before I install it to see if it updates?

    Great shots! You really like the golden hour.
  18. Factory trail camera install?

    got my tazer in the mail today and I am just running some things in my head. I didnt order the camera with it. I should have but I didnt.
  19. Factory trail camera install?

    So I have been reading about this and I think you are mistaken. To get to an RCA jack you have to install an adapter from z automotive. It comes in the kit with the camera. Or maybe I'm mistaken and that's what you meant. I was trying to determine what was coming out of the back of the radio...
  20. Factory trail camera install?

    What is in the back of the radio? Rca? I watched a video and it was 2 little pins that plug into the harness.