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  1. Mopar Garage build

    Have added several items to the Rig. Go a JTOPSUSa sun shade, a few more subtle graphics and have Mopar Tube doors coming, Grill insert to be painted blue and a second set of Wheels, the Mopar Steelies with some tall and skinny tires. Bruce
  2. How Hot? Is to Hot?

    I have been out in 90+ weather with humidity. It actually feels cool with the breeze, but worry about cooking interior and fading when parked. Bruce
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Got a set of Steelies from a Sport, take offs for 50 bucks. Bruce
  4. sill guards. Any recommendations ?

    I went with an off brand that were 26 bucks on Amazon, No issues so far. Bruce
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Ordered the Mopar Tube doors and got a Grill insert from a forum member to be painted. Bruce
  6. Stickers and decal pics!

    I had those made locally Bruce
  7. Michelin military tires?

    Leave the steelies on and that way, I am also doing a Mopar Millitary theme and looking for a set of the steelies, mine is covered in fake rivits. Bruce
  8. Banks open for 2021 model year do you order if paint colors aren't yet available?

    A dealer can order colors but no new colors for 2021 yet announced. Bruce
  9. JT Tube Doors: Ask, discuss, show, and tell.

    Quadratec has lots to choose from with prices all over the place, not sure of ratings on all of them. Bruce
  10. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    Looks like Overland Bumpers too. Bruce
  11. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    The Trailer brake controller is now an option for 2021 models. Bruce
  12. Is 2020 ordering done?

    From what I am being told, all the packages are the same as, of today with the addition of the trailer brake controller. Bruce
  13. Is 2020 ordering done?

    I assume your asking about the Eco diesel, no news yet Bruce
  14. Is 2020 ordering done?

    a limited number of colors for now available Billet Silver Black White Firecracker red Granite Crystal Hydra Blue Sting gray Bruce
  15. Is 2020 ordering done?

    2021's opened up today for ordering Bruce
  16. Music in your Gladiator

    Some of my favs Bolt Thrower Vader Temple of Void Bathory Morbid Angel Derranged Kreator NIle Bruce
  17. Virginia Sold - JTOPSUSA - Full Sunshade Royal Blue

    Thanks for the item, looks great on my ride. Bruce
  18. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I had a basic sport on order, but was delayed for manual transmission recall and covid shutdown. My dealer was able to get me in a heavily optioned Overland for less than the price of a Sport. was a no brainer and pulled the trigger with no regrets. Bruce
  19. New Galdiator Overland owner

    I have an Overland as well, and it seems like a new mod each day gets added. Bruce
  20. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    Here in Omaha I have seen about 50 in the last 2 months, The large Jeep dealership here sold 60 in one month. Bruce