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  1. Phone Solutions

    I'd like to know more about this setup. I just want a clean looking MAGNETIC ball toat I can stick my phone to. I like this one with the built-in charger. You said you made it yourself, what all did you use?
  2. 4 WD and spare size requirements, I noticed my Gladiator has a 245/70/18 spare but the running tires are 255/70/18? Is this safe in 4WD?

    OK, here's the deal. The issue is that if you have a different size spare, that wheel will turn at a different speed as the rest. Do you need to worry about it? Follow this handy chart. Rule #1 you NEVER have to run a same-size spare on a STOCK Gladiator! Read on. 1. If you have OPEN...
  3. Stickers and decal pics!

    Where did you get that one? I want a Glacier one.
  4. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    This guy gets it.
  5. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    I personally don't care what MY the truck is when I order it, I just would like a little bit of transparency as to what changes for the new MY? When can we expect to see that? I am sure after the initial year of production it'll be more than just colors, since the first year is "working the...
  6. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    I am down with Tank! Bring on the Tank!
  7. Another stupid question....Black Rhino wheels

    Will do but it'll be a while before I even get to place my order. I am actually thinking about plasti-dipping the stock Rubicon wheels bronze, as I really like the style just so sick of black wheels. I might try that before shelling out for a set of wheels, but these are definitely...
  8. All things Katzkin

    Has anyone gotten the massagers with theirs? I am planning on ordering a cloth interior with heated seats, would just get the covers with the massager options. Specifically I'm wondering what the controller looks like and how it mounts.
  9. Another stupid question....Black Rhino wheels

    Nice, that changes things a little for me. Considering them again. Thanks!
  10. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    WAIT WHAT?!?! SARGE GREEN FOR 2021?????? Can anyone quote a source or confirm in any way?
  11. Opinions on General Grabber X3?

    Did a search, and finding relatively little information on General Grabber X3s. Any thoughts? This is a pickup so I'm not going to be murdering it off-road, so highway manners and road noise are critical too. I've got KM3s on my kid's Bronco, the tread looks similar so I'd guess the road...
  12. Luck with PA dealers?

    Subscribed! Would kind prefer not to have to drive to VA or NC for a deal (but I will).
  13. Fender welting

    Are you guys loosening the fenders and stuffing it in, then clamping them back down? That's what I like about the flanged welting.
  14. Fender welting

    The one I was looking at has a 1.5" flange to get clamped down between the fender and the....fender. But it was only 3/16". Now I'm thinking of making my own from some vinyl and maybe some 5/16" tubing.
  15. Fender welting

  16. Fender welting

    Those of you that installed fender welting, how much did you need? The stuff I'm looking at comes in 25-ft rolls, which logically seems like enough but you can never be sure. Didn't want to order double if I can avoid it.
  17. Living with DIamondback HD hard tonneau?

    Gotcha! Wow thanks for the detail. Honestly Diamondback should describe all that on the website. I love the mismatched hinges to keep it from sliding back and forth. Now I'm figuring I wouldn't be able to build something like that myself for less money so I may just bite the bullet and let...
  18. Living with DIamondback HD hard tonneau?

    Ok thanks! Didn't know it was that easy. Looks great BTW.
  19. Living with DIamondback HD hard tonneau?

    Thanks guys. I'm still thinking about building my bi-fold design and just getting one of those trailer hitch bike racks. The bikes are really the only roadblock here, and in the end, it's my truck, not the kids'. Not too worried about waterproof (though I will install seals) because...