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  1. Bed shimmy at speeds over 65mph, seeking insight, thanks!

    After a torque re-check and perhaps try varying the tyre pressure to see if any difference, I'd look to shocks next as well. They're not expensive and as you're not asking anything unreasonable of the platform you shouldn't need anything particularly expensive. Could it be with the spacer...
  2. Poll- 33's or 35's?

    Running BFG 315/70/17 which I think come in about 34". Not heavy at 63lbs. tazered and drives as it did on the original 32" tyres.
  3. Tempted?

    No, apologies, I'm in Qatar but we have what seem to copy the EU spec less uprated cooling. It may be only the US/ Canada that get the higher fenders.
  4. Tempted?

    It is, we get the low fenders on everything. this is a Mojave (Sand Runner here) today.
  5. Tempted?

    I saw this at my local Jeep dealer, by the Chelsea Car Company. Really love the look.
  6. Warning when shifting into drive

    My JTR has started flashing up a service ABS warning when I select drive. the text 'service ABS' appears for less than half a second but the brake warning light and ABS light flash and continue to do so until I pull away where upon they go out and everything's fine. I'll take it into Jeep but...
  7. First foray into the sand.

    Flappy paddles would be good, I seem to need 2 hands on the wheel in the sand!
  8. First foray into the sand.

    44°c (111°f) here in Qatar and someone thought it was a good idea to play in the sand. My Gladiator JTR’s first foray into the dunes and it did really well. Aired down to 25psi (think I’d go 18-ish next time) and we didn’t get bogged once, unlike the Tahoe we came across (husband and wife on...
  9. 315/70/17 on the confused EU spec JTR

    So after trawling the tyre shops, Qatar doesn't have Toyo 35x11.5 and the MTR hasn't made it here yet, nor the Yokohama X-AT. They do have the KO2 in 315/70/17 and lots of them. I was disappointed to find out the EU JTRs use the lower wheel arch but relived (as they took the rear wheels off)...
  10. 315/70/17 on the confused EU spec JTR

    Do you have any rubbing lock to lock with the steering?
  11. 315/70/17 on the confused EU spec JTR

    Why we (the rest of the world) can't have the US spec JTR is beyond me. My European (albeit in the Gulf) spec JTR comes with the lower wheel arches and possibly the narrower axles. I was just about to go with KO2s in 315/70/17 to replace the punny 255/70/17 KMs the EU spec JTRs get but now I'm...
  12. JTR upsize to 35" no lift

    My JTR came with the BFG MTs from new which I find noisy and bobble the Jeep at slow speed. The 35" Toyo is where I was going, interested to hear other people's views.....
  13. Hotomobil Gladiator

    Hotomobil is a Turkish manufacturer of campers, the 'Gladiator' is their slide in camper pod. A German agent for Hotomobil has now fitted to the Gladiator (see pics). While I think I'll probably end up with a RTT for my journey home (Qatar to UK), the comfort of a slide in camper is attractive.
  14. Foglights

    Guys, thank you for the replies. I have those and can turn them off but it defaults to fogs and headlights each time, that can't be normal?
  15. A Brit in Qatar

    The trouble is that's Europe and I could make Tuscany to home in 2 days driving. I'm quite keen to see a little more of the world.
  16. Foglights

    I have read the manual so asking here. My Middle East region JT has the fog lights come on with dipped beam headlights. I haven't found a way to run with just headlights, have I missed a setting on the UConnect somewhere?
  17. n00b considering a diesel Gladiator Rubicon...

    I must admit to being surprised by the diesel comments here ref towing and overheating. Coming from the UK, my JK was diesel and the 3.0 ecodiesel has been fitted to Jeep GCs for donkeys years and can be seen dragging horseboxes and caravans around the UKs roads. We don't have the extremes of...
  18. A Brit in Qatar

    Right, with you. Simplest and least favourite is Saudi to Egypt then Europe. 2nd is Iran (if I can get in (possibly easier from Qatar)) and then strike NW through various 'stans to Russia and home. The route I'd most like to do is ship to India, Nepal and then NW to Russia. I'm struggling...
  19. A Brit in Qatar

    Home is the UK, I'm working in Qatar for a couple of years. I thought I'd take 3 months and drive overland back to the UK. Take some time to explore.
  20. A Brit in Qatar

    So taken collection and now 400km in. Observations? I don't like the BFG MT, noisy, wobbly and dig into the sand (35" ATs to come). Having always run diesels it feels a bit gutless but I'm not in a rush so can live with that. I'm impressed with comfort off road, the level of 'tech' in it for...