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  1. The most overloaded JT I have come across

    I suppose this is one sort of response to runaway housing prices
  2. Why so big?

    Seems like sedans are getting smaller, trucks are getting larger, and coupes are just disappearing.
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Netfilx and Grille?
  4. What happened to color?

    If we're going by the numbers, black cars should be most expensive to insure, followed by gray. Those cars statistically get in the most accidents. The cheapest cars to insure should be yellow and white, since these cars get in somewhat fewer accidents. It's not about owner personality, it's...
  5. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    12 feet of stuff in a 5 foot Glad. Was more secure than it looked with ratcheting straps for a quick trip home from Menards.
  6. Gladiator is Highest Ranked in JD Power Initial Quality for 2021 Midsize Pickups

    Interesting that FCA brands were at both the front and the rear. What's left of Chrysler in dead last. Though the Chrysler I had before my Jeep ran like a top into old age.
  7. Gladiator is Highest Ranked in JD Power Initial Quality for 2021 Midsize Pickups

    Knock on wood I'm good, except for the factory which installed the wrong dash panel on my High Altitude. So the panel above the passenger glove box has gray stitching instead of the caramel color. Working with dealer on fix. I also experienced a weird electronic error where for about 200...
  8. Who is insuring your ride?

    I pay a similar amount to Progressive for my Gladiator, with maxed out liability, low deductibles, full gap coverage. About 1/2 of what I paid on a 2007 Chrysler 300. Best deal I've ever had on auto insurance.
  9. New owner, with a little buyers remorse.

    You know what they say these days, "stocks only go up" ;)
  10. What happened to color?

    This is an image of Ford pickups from the WSJ (probably F-150, it doesn't say) waiting partially completed in Kentucky for semiconductors and other currently scarce parts. The shortage is one thing, but look at the sea of white in this photo. Even black and gray aren't that widespread (and...
  11. Healthy coping mechanisms?

    Take a trip that has nothing to do with Jeep-type activities. Visit NYC. Go to Mexico. Fly to an island. Some of this is slowed by Covid, but much is not. When you get the new Jeep you probably will want to do things that are in driving range so do something else of interest in the...
  12. New owner, with a little buyers remorse.

    Hi Ben, my name is Ben and I also have an Overland (High Alt). Welcome to the community! Nothing you describe here requires a single modification to an Overland Gladiator. It doesn't require a single thing that a PW has that a Gladiator in any trim does not have. Towing boats, snowy trails...
  13. Hydro blue owners. Did you get tan or black interior?

    Is tan limited to certain trim levels? Cloth only and not leather? Was it a 2020 only? I never saw tan in the configuration tool for Overland, HA, or Rubicon, and never once saw it on a lot either, in any paint color.
  14. Would you choose to write off your vehicle…??

    Who here carries a fire extinguisher in their truck? I never have in a vehicle before.
  15. Digital-only sucks

    This wireless Carplay adapter is dollar-for-dollar the best thing I've bought for my Jeep. I was a skeptic but it worked the moment I plug in and it's basically perfect. 100% Spotify for music, would have no use for a CD player or anything like it.
  16. I want a Gladiator but I’m concerned it’s not safe enough for a family vehicle

    My insurance for my Gladiator, full coverages for liability, collision, comp all maxed out, gap coverage, and low-ish deductibles in IL is $260 for 6 months. My mother, a retired auto insurance agent, still isn't sure if it's legit it's so low. Progressive. If this thing, or Jeeps in general...
  17. I want a Gladiator but I’m concerned it’s not safe enough for a family vehicle

    Why do they ever discontinue colors? I think Jeeps should come in dozens of colors and think it's silly to take any out. Just add and give choices.
  18. Jay Leno's Apocalypse Gladiator

    After watching that video I bought some ExxonMobil stock
  19. Accent colors gone wrong

    I kind of like this combo. Not on a Jeep, but it works on this car and the blue isn't overwhelming since it's only on the wheels.
  20. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    Texans sit and look at their truck 24/7 when it's not garaged? Or just rig a booby trap around it with guns like an Indiana Jones movie?