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  1. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Utility easement squad stand up! 😤
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Another lunchtime stroll through a utility easement development. I tried the no stability or traction control in 4Hi and it really helped through mud.
  3. Deadhorse, Alaska - a 8,856 mile adventure in Gladiator Rubicon

    I was fortunate enough to never have to visit the site actually. My co-workers and boss were not so lucky however lol. And yup, it sounds like that person you talked to may have worked for my old client….they do the same work rotation at their facility in South-Central Texas. Those field crew...
  4. Deadhorse, Alaska - a 8,856 mile adventure in Gladiator Rubicon

    Wow that’s pretty. I helped design an oil and gas facility near there….Moose Pad Production Facility to be specific.
  5. Transmision knock sound and engaugement

    I’ve noticed both. I experienced the knock going P/R to D in both of my prior vehicles with this 8 SPD (Charger RT and Ram 1500). However, the Gladiator knock is way more pronounced than the other two were. The engine braking feeling is a first for me in this Gladiator. Especially at low speeds...
  6. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    More space for my legs for sure! Particularly my right knee
  7. Gladiator tailgate badge where the letter "i" is CENTERED!!!

    Lol I totally get it. MOD ON!!!
  8. Who is insuring your ride?

    I have USAA and I think they cover up to $5,000 in custom parts. I do wonder if your company would cover the cost of the OEM parts that would have been on the truck otherwise. Or would you just lose that money too???
  9. New owner, with a little buyers remorse.

    I spent a lot of time in your neck of the woods WV/PA/MD/VA, but in a ‘07 Acura MDX which was as sketchy as you might imagine in those hilly trails…I took it to Blue Hole, down below the New River Gorge Bridge (scary as shit), Wonder Falls, etc. Basically I’m in agreement with others…33inch...
  10. Soft top vs hard top and why wouldn’t we all prefer to have just a soft top with metal doors?

    Security for me is why I prefer the hard top. Not the type of security you’re thinking about to protect valuables, no…..I have a illegitimate fear of a homeless person (or people) pissing, shitting, or f***ing in my truck. I know it’s ridiculous but the thought of that happening is enough for me...
  11. I want a Gladiator but I’m concerned it’s not safe enough for a family vehicle

    The Gladiator has decent crash ratings for a truck. Additionally, most accidents are SUPER avoidable by just being a defensive driver….drive the speed limit, stay out of the left lane, 4+ second following distance (8+ sec when towing), look left-right-left even when the light is green, etc...
  12. It's cute???

    Trade it in for a TRX tomorrow morning and ask her how cute that is. If she does it again, then she likes you. Don’t hate the player, hate the game 😏
  13. Max Tow Package

    He could always swap for something like Eibach springs which I believe are all progressive. They make a great product, springs AND shocks. They’re about $800 for parts I believe.
  14. “Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon”

    Sheesh yea I bet that was a real pain lol. When I (allegedly) damaged my alternator, I tried taking it to the shop immediately…I wonder if it would’ve helped to just let it sit and dry out before driving at all. Oh well, on the way to the shop, the “Service SH-AWD System” light came on, then...
  15. “Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon”

    That’s a load of shit to put it bluntly. I’d try calling Jeep to explain the situation or take it to another dealer. They can’t prove you’ve been driving in water based off those pictures. Plus how would your alternator fail from water submersion but not you engine via air intake? The only...
  16. Would you feel comfortable towing...

    I’d tow it but like others have mentioned, you really have to take in consideration the frontal and side area for winds. Also, assuming you plan to tow this trailer through the mountains (which are just a couple of hundred miles northwest of Charleston for those who don’t know), the power...
  17. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    I’m really enjoying this thermodynamics thread. Maybe it’ll inspire me to finish studying for my Thermal and Fluid Systems PE Exam….or not 😂😂😂
  18. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    Vandalizing Christmas decorations? Do you live in Whoville? 😂
  19. Gladiator half doors now available from Jeep.

    Honestly, just roll your windows down…our OEM doors are already minimalist enough.
  20. seat is uncomfortable

    Dang I’m the opposite….other than Acura and Volvo, these are the best car seats I’ve ever sat in for an extended period. I just did a 3 hour drive to Waco and 3 back to Houston in one day, and my comfort was great. (I’ve got cloth seats. Idk about the leather)