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  1. Poll- 33's or 35's?

    I have 35s and 3.73. Looks good and needs gears.
  2. First foray into the sand.

    Yup, definitely this. 18-25 psi is not low enough.
  3. 2021 Bronco

    The Bronco has a pretty good RTI score with the front sway bar disconnected. Source:
  4. 2021 Bronco

    Posted on the Gladiator Facebook page the other day. I think this Bronco looks pretty good.
  5. A bumper that I actually like....buttttt

    If the aluminum is 6061-T6 and is 3/16" or 1/4", no worries. Savvy Off Road builds aluminum bumpers and they are plenty tough. They make some other cool aluminum stuff too.
  6. Caster correction methods

    Thanks for correcting me.
  7. Adjustable track bar recommendations with Mopar 2" lift

    The alignment done by the track bar is the centering of the axle from side to side. The weight or size of the tires does not cause the axles to be uncentered, the suspension lift causes this.
  8. Adjustable track bar recommendations with Mopar 2" lift

    What do you mean you think it will help with the weight of the tires? I have Clayton track bars on mine. I haven't used them long enough to know how they'll hold up, but Clayton has been around forever and their past stuff has been excellent quality.
  9. I want a Gladiator but I’m concerned it’s not safe enough for a family vehicle

    New cars don't depreciate anymore. You just slap a market adjustment on it and sell it for more than you paid. :LOL:
  10. New Favorite Detailing Product

    Thanks, I just ordered some.
  11. New Favorite Detailing Product

    You used the same bottle for inside and out? Did you use the interior or exterior stuff?
  12. Bronco Price "Market Adjustment"

    A friend ordered a new Bronco and sold it within a few days for $12k over sticker. I guess $10k is a deal. :LOL:
  13. Bronco Price "Market Adjustment"

    A guy I work with is looking for one of these and the local dealer (Taylor Kia in Toledo, OH) had a $17k markup on one. He went to another dealer an hour away and ordered one.
  14. What happened to color?

    When I ordered my pontoon boat, I couldn't decide on color. Blue, black, wine red, they all looked so good. So I went with white. :LOL:
  15. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    My 2020 F150 4x4 Super Crew with the 5.0 runs low-mid 14s. And that's not even fast compared to some of the other trucks today. I would've never thought we'd have trucks this quick, but I'm sure glad we do. 😁
  16. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    That is surprising. Thanks for the video.
  17. Caster correction methods

    Fixed length arms and relocation brackets offer zero adjustability. Get some adjustable uppers.
  18. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    0-60 is not under 7 seconds.
  19. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    RMS leak is common for the 4.0.