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  1. Well I got my first major problem with my ecodisel

    Cool. I thought you were going to report a hangnail or something.
  2. Jeepers of Maryland

    Yes, Danville area. Only open for fall hunting. You can go in on middle ridge rd, and if you keep making your way south or go in on Tom’s Hollow rd. It’s not really an off road area, but if you’re scouting…to hunt on public land….
  3. Did Quadratec Vanish?

    They respond…like two months later. Just call them and ask for the forum discount.
  4. Jeepers of Maryland

    I would like a guided tour from a local like this guy.
  5. Jeepers of Maryland

    Not much, but out that way beyond Greenridge, there’s a small stretch of Dan’s Mountain I would not recommend if not a Jeep of sorts—my 2012 F-150 FX4 was too big, my 2018 JL was just right and I would take the JT for it. South end of the east face.
  6. Jeepers of Maryland

    Not the OffRoad park, just during bear hunting, lots of DNR only roads open.
  7. Door Pin Guides

    I would install them with a drop of white grease, silicone grease, wd-40, etc. inside the guide cap prior to install to help with getting it off if you want to do so one day. Either way, I recommend them.
  8. Jeepers of Maryland

    I didn’t get drawn for the bear lottery this year, so maybe next year and I’ll be out that way again. I’ll grab a beer with you if I draw next year. I have a hydro too.
  9. Issue after door removal

    When I sold one of my 2018 JLU Saharas and bought a JT one of the first posts I made here was a pitch to check the JL forums—virtually the same platform, same issues, and they are ahead of us and there are more of them, so more posts. Been a member there since 2017 and still have one JL. I...
  10. Issue after door removal

    Ran across this on the JL forum yesterday. Maybe this will give you some ideas.
  11. Scored a nice grille for cheap, will it be ok?

    Not that I know of. It’s just a general observation based on measuring the slots. I haven’t seen anything in the JL forum about using the JT grill on a diesel or for another engine to enable better cooling air flow.
  12. Virginia Rubicon LE Wheels

    Scott—this link from clicking on his name, “Start a Conversation” - (have to enter a title and a message to make it work.
  13. Jeepers of Maryland

    Hey everyone! I’m down in Waldorf. Sold my 2018 HellaYella JLU Sahara in June a week before my 2021 Hydro Blue JTR Diesel arrived. The wife’s 2018 Bright White JLU Sahara also below. I took the spare off my JTR today, selling it. If anyone knows anyone interested, here’s the link...
  14. Maryland For Sale - Gladiator Rubicon Take-off: Spare with New Falken Wildpeak A/T

    For sale. Gladiator Rubicon spare wheel with New Falken Wildpeak A/T tire. I have not taken this off-road yet, so there are no scrapes/scratches/scars. Local pick-up only (we can meet somewhere), $260 firm (cash or PayPal), located in Southern MD. I’m not interested in separating the wheel...
  15. Poor design, rain gutter over front doors.

    Option 3: When you walk out to get in, swipe your fingers through the channel to flush out any water build-up and then open the door and jump in fast.
  16. Burned to the ground…

    A 2.0 turbo 2018 JLU Sahara fire this weekend -
  17. Scored a nice grille for cheap, will it be ok?

    Everyone in the JL forum has known this for a while.
  18. Michigan Rear Under Seat Lockable Storage

    Did you sell the lockable storage bin?
  19. The Overland big lie!!

    Probably should have placed a factory order and chose what you wanted for options on any trim out there.