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  1. Fake trim levels?

    Who cares??? You do probably do because you bought a Rubicon. I’m sure it hurts your feelings because you spent more money and you think only “Rubicon “ owners are entitled to have “Rubicon” on the hood. 🤣 ... it’s just a name Fawker... from a movie , please don’t take offense... seriously...
  2. Fake trim levels?

    Nice! I bought mine to tow with as well... or I would have just kept my 2016 Hard Rock Wrangler Rubicon. There are so many times my 1 ton crew cab, 4x4, 8’ bed Ford Diesel truck was just too big for the job (25’ plus in length). If you are going to buy a truck ... TRUCK, why in the hell would...
  3. Fake trim levels?

    Oh... I thought you were serious.
  4. Fake trim levels?

    Well that’s the point whether towing with a gladiator Max Tow (just for the haters) or my Diesel 1 Ton, no land speed records need to be set. 65mph is my max speed for towing and the Max Tow Gladiator does a great job for the mid-size truck segment. Land speed... I just barely missed purchasing...
  5. 4000+ miles this summer - The Gladiator Is The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle For Me

    Gotta love them! One More trip to the UP end of October... then a winter of rebuild for the old Thumper! Next year...headed west!
  6. JTR 513s mpg on 37s

    That’s really good mpg
  7. JTR 513s mpg on 37s

    You must be on the flats and going under 60 mph. There is no way I see that mpg with 37’s and 4:10’s. I have 33’s and 4:10’s on my Max Tow and highway cruise at 70-75mph sees 18mpg Max. Any hills and I’m down to 16-17 mpg. Drive 80mph (cruise with TN traffic on interstate 40 and I am easily at...
  8. Regear for towing

    IMOP you can run up to a 5:13 in these d44’s. I’ve run 5:13’s in stock d44 wagoner with no issues other than the front axles stick u-joints. 35” tires and 4:56 for towing purposes should be great. My 33’s and 4:10’s are Perfect. If you can upgrade axles to chromoly and better after market...
  9. Which LCA

    This here is the truth! Much better ride for a daily and still rebuildable. Plenty of flex. Get rid of stock rear sway bar if you haven’t and go aftermarket with heavier duty links.
  10. New owner, with a little buyers remorse.

    Just for starters, the overland trim makes for a comfortable commuter. They do come with an 18” rim and I think street oriented tires in a 255x75x18? Someone will chime in. The gladiator in overland trim I think will be a huge improvement off road because of its size vs the PW (don’t get me...
  11. Have you ever heard of the SsangYong Korando ?

    i Saw this on a YouTube video Fish13. His Sagyong is a 1990. It is a South Korean Jeep. They have a short wheelbase and a long wheelbase. The long is Jeep up front and looks like Toyota Land Cruiser in the back. This guy has converted it into an incredible camping rig. The YouTube videos are...
  12. Key… waterproof?

    Ran my 2020 , got it October 2019, key gob through the wash. Never had an issue with them after that.
  13. Jerky Downshift to 2nd Gear Going Downhill

    Mine does it too. IMOP it’s the 4:10 gears and the 8 speed auto. I have the Max Tow with Rubicon take off rims and tires.
  14. Burned to the ground…

    Truth!! 🤣
  15. Bronco truck is DEAD

    What I was referring to was comment about Ranger being a real truck and the Jeep and Ford Bronco Trucks as more toy than truck (if they ever build the Ford Bronco truck). The gladiator is every bit as strong as the new Ford Ranger (both way more capable than the original Ford Ranger). Back in...
  16. Bronco truck is DEAD

    The Ranger is no more a real truck than the Gladiator. I’ll agree that Ford makes a great product (I’ve always owned at least one Ford truck over the past 20 years) but they have screwed this Bronco Pooch up... but yes, it really about the supply chain more than a anything. They should have...
  17. Anybody Completely Enamored with the MAX TOW Stock?

    Well done, what are the specs?
  18. Anybody Completely Enamored with the MAX TOW Stock?

    You doing any camping trips or ride mountain bikes? I saw you this time and the Mojave looks sweet!! What lift and wheels and tires do you have? Let’s get together some time! Gary
  19. Would you feel comfortable towing...

    What was said right here! The front of trailer needs to be more aerodynamic, and slow the heck down. 65mph is the max speed you should Tow any trailer. I’ve also had Ford 1 Ton Diesels and pulled plenty of weight , but stayed at 65 mph even with lighter weight (once I realized I was being a...