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  1. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I got another battery over the weekend if anyone wants one. I should have a few more in the next week or 10 days as well
  2. Tennessee Limited Supply of 100Ah LifePO4 batteries

    I got another battery yesterday and should have a few more within the next week to 10 days.
  3. How Much is too Much? (Towing Question)

    I would rather tow a 6000lb tandem axle trailer than a 4100lb single axle trailer. There are plenty of threads where people have towed maximum, or even more in some cases, and the Gladiator does a good job. It is all up to what you are comfortable with. but I have towed a whole lot and I can...
  4. Tennessee Limited Supply of 100Ah LifePO4 batteries

    With shipping it will be about $645. If I get it out Monday it should be there by Wednesday. If you want it send me a PM.
  5. Tennessee Limited Supply of 100Ah LifePO4 batteries

    I currently have one battery available if any of y’all want it. I will have a few more in the next couple weeks as well.
  6. AirLift rear bag system - info you need to know

    If you have a lift kit then you need the longer bags and the gladiator spacers to fill the extra spring length.
  7. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I have the extra cover on my Dometic too. I wasn’t clear about warm items. Wat happens in your scenario is the heat is taken out of the new cans and requires a little extra energy.
  8. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I agree with everything you said except that it does take a bit longer to cool things down than a normal full size fridge. Also remember that when you put warm items in that have to be cooled down your power consumption goes up as well. Dometic recommends that you plug in the night before and...
  9. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I didn’t realize how huge the 95 was when I bought it. Actually I was wanting it an my beautiful wife bought it for my birthday last year. On the slide it occupies 1/3 of the Gladiator bed. I’m glad I have it because I have 3 kids and a wife and we carry a lot of stuff when we go somewhere.
  10. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I have the Dometic CFX95DZW and it is awesome. The night before we left Desti. I set the small side to the minimum temp and put the fish in there when I left the next day and that evening it was frozen. We messed around for two more days and my battery setup kept the cokes cold and the fish...
  11. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    I picked mine up on June 25, 2019 and I now have almost 22k miles on it and it runs like a top. Just last week I towed a 4k lb trailer to Destin, Fl from Nashville, TN and back without issue. Only thing I can complain about at all is the stupid little bluetooth speaker in the back has never...
  12. AirLift rear bag system - info you need to know

    Yes this is the route I took and it seems to be working. When I said there was still a little wiggle room I meant only room to wiggle. The gap between the top of my spacers and the spring seat was only about 1/4-1/2 inch. When I but my battery box and cooler in the truck bed and inflated to 5...
  13. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    Other than the Renogy battery monitor failing before I ever left the system worked perfectly for my vacation in Destin. I had the Dometic and batteries in the bed of the truck and the AlpiCool and luggage in the cab. Drinks and snacks stayed ice cold the whole trip. The day we fished I put the...
  14. Portable fridge

    If I known I would have waved when we passed. I live in Brentwood, TN about 5 minutes off of 65 just south of Nashville.
  15. So, what is everybody towing?

    I pulled the borrowed Rockwood HW276 to Destin Fl last Sunday and just got back home this morning. We were supposed to stay till tomorrow but Tropical Stirm Cristobal ran us out of town this morning. First 100 miles was in 35-45 mph winds and torrential downpours. The Jeep did fine but the...
  16. Portable fridge

    Yes it will. I just returned from Destin this afternoon. We had a great day on Thursday with a full limit of red snapper, two grouper and a ton of Bonita. Was supposed to come home tomorrow but the tropical storm warning made me leave early. I talked to Dometic and they said the coolers are...
  17. Question for Dometic owners

    I used the slide system that Dometic makes for my particular cooler. I didn’t want to drill holes in my bed so I cut a 3/4 inch sheet of marine grade plywood to fit and mounted my slide to that. I also have a small chest type toolbox with my batteries, charger and inverter mounted inside. I have...
  18. Question for Dometic owners

    I have a Dometic CFX95DZW and it is very efficient. I can run my cooler for a week or more on my two 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries. (I have more batteries for sale at $600 each). I am in FL right now and I have the system in the bed of my truck and it is the greatest thing ever to have the 12V cooler...
  19. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    I can say that it works perfectly in even the worst storms. This particular storm had high winds and hail. The only problem I had with it last year was the condensation that shows up overnight. I got around that with a small heater and a fan to circulate the air under the cover.
  20. AirLift rear bag system - info you need to know

    The only issue that I have noticed while towing with a lot of air in the bags and while driving empty with just 5lbs in the bags is the rear suspension damping. The rear end is a little bouncy for the new spring rate. I’m not sure if the Fox shows on the Mopar kit can be revalved or not but it...