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  1. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    Thanks Matt, I was going to look when I got home but that saves the effort Edit: So Googled for info but not much out there since the Jan news release. Next year at the earliest for JL/JT.
  2. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    Feel like we are getting boxed into a corner here..... also NOT available on the Mojave
  3. Exodus Jeeps install video on Hamburger's Supercharger on their JT Gladiator!

    I was just going to ask that same question..... and I guess that strikes the only negative I had for this unit off the list
  4. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

  5. I am not judging...ok, I am...

    + 125K just for the Name? Someone is smoking crack here.....
  6. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    DEF is actually pretty cheap, goes on sale a lot, and can be bought at Wally world. At least on my WK2 a full def tank normally lasts between oil changes (10K miles) and cost about $25 to fill it.
  7. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    That is about what I said, so now decide between a Ruby with Diesel (and add full time Rock Track) or go Mojave and throw on a supercharger. Really tough choice here. Oh did you notice FCA is getting greedy again on option prices? Retards.........
  8. Check your insurance coverage/contract

    Item 10 - Not covered while delivering Dominoes.....
  9. New Exodus Jeeps High Clearance Rear Bumper

    I could see that being dangerous on the street
  10. Plug under A Pillar cover?

    Need the rest of the # near his thumb which pulls up
  11. Gobi gone too?

    What is a Branco?
  12. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    Sorry to hear of the difficulties and I surely hope a new axle fixes it.
  13. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Beautiful Mojave - Congrats!
  14. Simple MO Beast

    Very nice work Sir. One question, is the Btech waterproof or water resistant at all? And are worried about it getting wet? Or do you not have your tops off much? just curious as obviously that is a great location.
  15. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    Gator (and Tank) look more like the little army men you want, not like cheep foreign molded army guys you want to leave at the dollar store (Sarge)
  16. Big Beef for the JTR M210

    Wow, nice stuff