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  1. Oil leak - rear main seal it seems

    Based on the service manual I saw it's actually a relatively easy repair for a real shop just time consuming since you have to separate the tranny
  2. Oil leak - rear main seal it seems

    Thanks Sarah, I dropped it off at the dealer waiting to hear back from them. I'll engage with you after I hear back if needed. Service writer didn't anticipate any issues though.
  3. Clayton 2.5” Rake

    At first the Clayton kit will have almost 0 rake but as the front springs settle you'll be around 1" lower or at least I am. This is on a rubi with steel bumpers beefed up track bar and sector shaft brace so if you have less weight it will sag less obviously.
  4. Oil leak - rear main seal it seems

    Yeah I'm fully prepared for a fight. Hopefully I'm wrong and they will be pleasant but with all the horror stories of people getting their entire warranties cancelled because it looks dirty I'm almost tempted to just take it to an independent shop and pony up the 800-1200 this costs. I'd let...
  5. Anyone had issues with their Fox Shocks?

    Did you use shock extensions? The Mojave shocks are bypass, so unless you have shock extensions that match that lift height you are outside of the bypass zone and it's going to ride like crap.
  6. Oil leak - rear main seal it seems

    Was cleaning the jeep up tonight and noticed a brown spot on the driveway that looked like oil. Thought it seemed unlikely given it's only 6k miles but when I got under it seems I have a fairly serious leak that appears to be from the rear main seal. Gonna take it in to the dealer tomorrow...
  7. Several stupid questions re: tires/lift

    Rubicon suspension for the 1 inch lift and Rubicon take offs for the 33s and you will have the look and no rubbing.
  8. Metalcloak 2.5 level/lift kit what options are necessary?

    No drive shaft until you are at least 4 inches over a Rubicon. They come with shock extensions I believe so should be able to use rubi shocks. If you aren't a rubi though I'd call metalcloak and make sure their spring leveling kit isn't going to leave you Carolina squatting
  9. WTB: Mojave or Rubicon hood

    Mojave hood requires more than the hood fyi. The cowl pieces are different as the hood is bigger.
  10. Fox 2.0 steering stabilizer question?

    You need to order the round bolt from northridge 4x4. They put out a youtube video on the change.
  11. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    I was in a ram, so I never had it get rained on, but my kids spilled all kinds of shit on it. I didnt find it to be any worse than any other leather I've had for drying/stink
  12. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Pre Lift: Post Lift: I will recommend the brake lines, for 30 minutes of work including bleeding its worth the peace of mind. I also will say that at first the lift felt STIFF but after about 200 miles it seems to have settled and broke in a bit and now it rides better than stock. Edit...
  13. Can't Order 2021 anymore according to Local Sales manager...2022 orders still TBD.

    I can second the quality of katzkins leather. I had it in my previous ram and honestly its better than any factory leather i've had other than my previous cayman. If my rubicon didnt come with leather already I would have happily made the switch to katzkins and probably have a cooler looking seat.
  14. How do Gladiators handle on the highway?

    Might not be a body on frame truck, but it has a payload of 1600 and tows 5K so for its size, it does truck stuff good. Plus it rides great and gets good fuel mileage. Its honestly a better midsize "truck" than pretty much all the other options at least objectively. Subjectively, I like honda's...
  15. Shopping Options (1st post!)

    When you actually get there since it could be 2 months and a lot can happen in the used car market and to the car itself between now and then. I'd actually recommend just selling to vroom or car max or carvana yourself, get more for it than you will in trade and they come and pick it up and mail...
  16. Jeep Wave Program Won't Rotate "Oversized" Tires (35ers)

    I agree, i know some folks throw on 40-50 pound rims and 90+ pound tires so mine at 97 are definitely on the light side (by design). I understand why they just make a size claim and move on, because of how wildly it varies, but still, like you mentioned, if you're lifting the tires during the...
  17. Jeep Wave Program Won't Rotate "Oversized" Tires (35ers)

    Would like to point out that stock rubicon tires on stock rims are just shy of 90 pounds already. My 37's are big but they're 97 pounds, not sure the 7 pounds is really a huge ask.
  18. Carbon fiber interior trims

    The alcantara on the handles is nice, where did you get it?
  19. Grabber ATX vs Ridge Grapplers - $60 difference

    The gg atx are great tires. I'd put them up against any other AT and think they'd compare on par or better. They're actually made by continental and have been around a long time so they are big boys too. I gave them a shot after trying a bunch of other tires and since then have been slowly...