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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I addressed this already later in the thread. You're likely enjoying brighter lights from your driver seat at the cost of terrible light throw and blinding oncoming traffic. Post your headlight cutoffs and compare them with the @Oracle Designs cutoff or OEM Mopar cutoff Here's a Tacoma forum...
  2. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Exactly You're probably getting less usable lumens traveling down the road and increasing glare for oncoming drivers Post up your cutoffs on a wall and it'll show why Jeep (and every other manufacturer) uses different housings for LED bulbs There's great alternatives to the OEM LED option...
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Don't put LEDs in halogen housings you cheap asses
  4. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club Thread full of JLs in this color for you to look at
  5. The most overloaded JT I have come across

    order and strap on all the accessories
  6. No Manual for Rubicon? Say What?

    Dealer lied to you to try and get you to buy one off the lot, which were likely all autos.
  7. Gladiator Rubicon small lift with 33s

    That's going to look a little silly That much lift is enough to clear 37s and maybe beyond. 33s will look teeny tiny under there
  8. Poll- 33's or 35's?

    I vote for 35s
  9. Issue after door removal

    There are some tips on here on how to reconnect the plug so as to minimize the risk of bending pins
  10. 1941 club

    After dropping off the kiddo at school
  11. The Overland big lie!!

    Pretty crazy you can option a Rubicon from like $44k to over $63k or so depending on how you like it
  12. The Overland big lie!!

    Unlike other manufacturers, Jeep will let you spec out each trim however you want. Overland is basically a sport with 18" wheels and some trim bits to make it the nicest on road trim. You can order it with or without LED lights, adaptive cruise control etc. You can't get it with the Rubicon...
  13. People who factory ordered in july/august...

    July 19 order August 25 delivered at dealer Sarge Willys with hardtop and auto
  14. Sunrider for hard top - easy to remove?

    Confirming that it's super easy
  15. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    ??? Lots of dudes in D1 with Gecko Gladiators in the Gecko thread
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    5" to 7" screen upgrade
  17. 2022 Rumors?

    Willys comes with narrow 32s
  18. The Philistine thread - non-lifted Gladiators and not likely to be, either

    Rubicon takeoff 33s to add a bit of height and some width over the Willys package 32s. Not lifting this one
  19. Which Gladiator trim (and options) is right for me?!

    Overland is perfect for your uses. There isn't any terrain down here where you'll use the swaybar disconnect and you can ditch the 18s it comes with to run your big 20s with 37s on the mopar lift.