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  1. Gladiator VS TRX

    I decided not to buy a TRX. For a few reasons. I had a solid week of no doors and roof. It made me remember one of the main reasons I bought the truck. I keep watching these premium fuel prices creeping up. I think I do too much driving to justify paying that much a year in fuel. I also...
  2. Locking just the rear in 4H in Rubicon?

    The rubicon rear is either an open differential or locked. You can’t have a locker and a LSD.
  3. Locking just the rear in 4H in Rubicon?

    If you have a 2021 it does. 2020 it does not.
  4. Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Introduces New Half Doors For Gladiator (as Part of Dual-Door Group)

    Can the half doors be purchased after the sale? I wish Jeep would just let you choose full or half doors at no charge, or 5k for dual doors.
  5. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    Mine you have to activate through the settings on the radio
  6. Rugged Ridge Arcus

    It will have a huge gap in the top. You could fabricate a panel. There are some pictures on here of it mounted without a winch, doesn’t look great without one.
  7. Mojave Skid Plate

    The rubicon steel skid plate goes on with no issues. I think the ADD would as well.
  8. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    The geometry brackets helped my truck with the wander
  9. (Another) New Windshield

    Gorilla glass. I put two in the first 8,000 miles of my truck. Got the gorilla glass and currently at 23,000 miles. I have had a few hits that I know would have broken the OE glass.
  10. 2022 Rumors?

    The Freedom is available with max tow. It is a sport with Steel bumper group, LEDs, convenience, and 7 inch radio.
  11. Kansas WTB Mojave stock steering wheel!!!

    The Mojave steering wheel is nearly the best thing about the Mojave package. It feels so good.
  12. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    I think the instructions for the AEV geo relocation brackets should be updated to say on Mojave’s to use the 3inch holes instead of the 2 inch as the Mojave is already 1 inch higher. I also used the 2 inch and have the same caster as you. I’m going to flip the washers to the 2.5 -3” holes and...
  13. What can we do for you?

    I am very interested in doing this as I want to use my orange tow hooks and replace the fog lights with some from diode dynamics. Doing a winch and won’t need any of those covers either.
  14. Anybody Completely Enamored with the MAX TOW Stock?

    I passed you again in town a bit earlier. Lol. White Mojave turning from Leeville.
  15. 2022 Rumors?

    The 2020 model was about a year and a half long also.
  16. 2022 Rumors?

    Going to be a 2023 if they keep going. Lol
  17. 2022 Rumors?

    Id trade mine today for a 5.7
  18. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    You might like peg leg porker better