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  1. Deadhorse, Alaska - a 8,856 mile adventure in Gladiator Rubicon

    What an awesome trip! I was just talking to a buddy over the weekend about this being a bucket list trip for me. About 80 hours driving time from NH. Were you able to get all the way to Prudhoe bay? I thought I read or saw somewhere that it is all industrial property and you can't just drive...
  2. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    A little work party... I parked next to the 4XE and we were joined by two more JLUs
  3. What happened to color?

    I feel like the F150 (and the other full sized trucks for that matter) are often commercial vehicles where white is the #1 choice... I guess to match the fleet? That being said, in my work parking lot there are A LOT of silver/black/grey/dark blue fullsize trucks. And I don't really see many...
  4. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Just brought my gladiator home yesterday! Originally was planning to order a build, but I caught this one in transit to a local(ish) dealer and it was VERY close to what I wanted. Just missing steel front bumper, aux switches, tonneau cover, and bedliner. Didn't originally plan on getting...