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  1. Holy Cross City - Gladiator on 37s, two Wranglers on 35s. How do they compare?

    Looks like the MetalCloak Flipstep? You put those to good use it seems. It was a hard choice between those and the ARB sliders for my JLUR. How do you like them? Good on you for picking some more difficult lines and pushing the Jeep!
  2. Hi Lift Mounts

    That sinking feeling as your tires slide sideways or backwards off the line you intended and you just know you're about to f**k some sh!t up. And the look of disappointment on your significant other's face. I know both all too well. :CWL:
  3. Hi Lift Mounts

    I know, I don't have the fancy bed, but I have had the same Hi-Lift in 8-10 Jeeps now and it has come in handy at least once a year. I've used it as a winch/come-along, spreader, jack, and lever. As some others have said, respect it and know its limitations and how it works. Practice at home...