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  1. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    A heads up to anyone interested I posted my solution on my original post. Problem solved! @JeepCares
  2. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    Thanks @Fla2smoker I searched for a similar post but couldn’t find it…. What was the result for you? I see @JeepCares stepped in and was willing to open cases. Any idea if a resolution was found?
  3. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    Hi All - To the people that DM’d Jeepcares was your issue resolved in that you center console now works for the phone?
  4. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    if this was the case a simple adapter may work…. I may try a cheap adapter from amazon and see if it works.
  5. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    Yea I can only speak to my experience. iPhone X was fine with the USB A. iPhone 12 doesn’t seem to like it in the JT. Switched to USB C no issues. Curious if any wiring gurus would know what it would take or if it is possible. Not sure if the radio head unit would limit it for some reason.
  6. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    Yes using the cable that came with the phone. USB C. It does work fine in the dash ISB C I just don’t care to have the wire plugged into the dash. My truck is a MT, window controls are there, etc. Too mush clutter for me.
  7. Convert the center console USB-A to a USB-C?

    I looked for a post on this but don’t see any. Anyone know if you can convert the center console USB A to a USB C? I have an iPhone 12 and apple carplay will only work with the USB C connection. I assume it is because it is high speed? When I use the USB A it connects but then disconnects after...
  8. Waited 10 years for this tow - towing my CJ3a with a Gladiator!

    Very cool. The color on that CJ3a is awesome!
  9. Bed cover Help for my new Gladiator

    Many of us have the Bak Revolver X4s. It is fairly water proof. I have only had a little water get in during a 3 hour drive in a rainstorm. Typically no water gets in. It looks great, lies very flat and it rolls out of the way nicely. I was eyeing a tri-fold as I like the hard lie flat look. I...
  10. For Sale: Fox Overland Tailgate Pad

    I have a similar one. Very nice tailgate pad. Good luck with the sale 👍🏼👍🏼
  11. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    How are the shocks treating you vs stock?
  12. Suntop Soft Top

    Great reviews guys thanks for sharing!! I 2nd the request for normal use vids. Open the top and then close the top. If you guys come to Brooklyn I’ll be the helper and hold the camera 😎
  13. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Came out to this after lunch at Down the Hatch on Candlewood Lake in CT. Ready to roll!
  14. Tennessee Mojave take offs

    Any chance you’re willing to ship?
  15. Suntop Soft Top

    Finally some results! Thanks for sharing @TommyGp
  16. Bike Tailgate Pad Suggestions

    Old thread but I figured I would add my photos in case abyone is looking at a Raceface T2 pad or the Fox Factory pad. They are the same. It is not a perfect fit but I can adjust it so the 3rd brake light, tailgate handle and backup cam all still function. So it’ll do!! The width of the medium...
  17. 2021 Gladiator Soft top for sale.

    Where is you top located OH or AZ?