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  1. No Manual for Rubicon? Say What?

    Well, I must be doing something wrong as I've been shifting my 2020 Rubicon manually for the last 35k miles... I doubt they would have gotten rid of that option.
  2. Manual Transmission Club

    First I've heard of this on the forum. Any info on this for my education?
  3. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    I like it as is. Good blend of what's needed. At first I was thinking a removable would be good but it may make it too utilitarian. I would honestly like a couple more power sources. Fast charging USB ports. Keep it sturdy. My 100lb dog uses it as a perch. Picture for extra points.
  4. Product I found....and lost. Seat back Velcro molle system; found it!

    Nothing to say other than it seemed like a lonely thread.
  5. Anybody have a small rattle from drivers door.

    I get the same thing. Found out it's the seat belt fluttering in the wind and hitting the sides. Wind deflectors channel most of the wind away and that made it bearable. Now it only rattles at highway speed. I just turn up the radio...
  6. Mastiff and My Gladiator

    PRP seat covers offer marine grade vinyl. Arm rest covers too. My dobie drools in the wind, but I'm sure nothing like your mastiff. Regardless, the seat covers work for me.
  7. To the guy that backed into my tow hook… lmao

    I have the exact same thing. Great step and recovery point, but it's a great deterrent as well!
  8. Urgent Help...Steering Stabilizer Bolt

    Found a M12x1.5x70mm at Lowes. Grade 8.8. However the mounting bracket calls for a squared shoulder. Ordered an OEM, but this bolt from Lowe's should work for as a temp solution Anyone know the torque value?
  9. Urgent Help...Steering Stabilizer Bolt

    I appreciate the response!
  10. Has anyone else done this to their garage door ?

    No damage. You're right. Not a scratch on the top but scratches the door. LOL
  11. Unlimited mileage mopar warranty.

    That's about twice what I paid... Haven't had to"use"it as I'm still under factory warranty mileage. Shop around. You can buy it from any dealer. They were several threads here.
  12. Has anyone else done this to their garage door ?

    Happened to me as well. Didn't knock it off the track though
  13. Urgent Help...Steering Stabilizer Bolt

    Pulled into my driveway and noticed the stabilizer bolt came of on the wheel side of my Fox stabilizer. I don't have time to run to the dealer as they are an hour away. Anyone have specs on them so I can pick up from Lowe's? I know it's a shot in the dark...
  14. 6 Speed Issues Starting

    It's what I do. I bought from dealer 5 minutes away. Great sales team. Service is horrendous. I drive 45 minutes away for service to another dealer.
  15. Discount Tire Experience

    I had a similar experience. They've got a customer for life for sure. Price matched and had what I wanted in stock.
  16. Meet DAUNTLESS the Gladiator we'll drive around the world.

    WOW. Welcome to the forum. Wish I had the balls to do what you guys are doing. Will be following your journey!
  17. Turn signal issues and tire size reset?

    Ah, I'm on Android Auto via Samsung phone. Maybe that's why mine is not integrated
  18. Sun visor

    My driver's side broke. Warranty covered it.