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  1. Bronco is fullsize - no comparison

    Lot of insecurity around here, wow. There’s more Ford talk than jeep talk on this jeep forum, soon as a bronco thread drops there’s 8 pages of arguing over which bear is best. Black bear. Bears, beets, battle star galactica.
  2. Odd Engine Noise

    That is odd. Almost everything I’ve ever driven with single outlet has been passenger side regardless of car, truck or suv. Like the more I think about it, I’m pretty sure this is the only vehicle I’ve had with driver side exhaust. Anyway, yeah couple that with the 6” deep dash and firewall, you...
  3. Odd Engine Noise

    Here’s some quick perspective on this, because I occasionally hear some odd noises when accelerating. The JT is small, not insulated like a full size truck, and is somewhat of an oddity in that the exhaust outlets on the drivers side. Most single outlet exhausts on are the passenger side unless...
  4. Errors on Brand New Gladiator

    I feel like people need to come to grips with the “I have trouble with mine so they’re all bad” perspective and recognize that they just maybe got a bad one or let it be investigated and maybe it’s an easy solution. Take a step back, and ask yourself why you would have purchased a vehicle if you...
  5. Roof Rack Search; easy on easy off, no drill?

    Wow. I’m glad I asked thanks for the feed back. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet but this helps a lot. Sucks you had so many problems. It does look good on your rig for sure.
  6. First new vehicle for me please help me with the options

    You can get the alpine system with sub with the 7” screen. I have it. It turns the rear seat into a massage chair when the bass thumps. Only complaint is the sound bar tends to rattle. There’s a fix for it but I’m lazy and maybe I don’t really care.
  7. Frustration is an understatement......

    From what I’ve seen, this is a common forum reaction to problems many seem to have. Somehow people make the jump to all vehicles being affected. I haven’t had a window leak, I haven’t had ac issues, I haven’t had a rear axle seal leak either. Forums are ripe for complaints which gives the...
  8. Gladiator is Highest Ranked in JD Power Initial Quality for 2021 Midsize Pickups

    Well, nice to see Mitsubishi getting some recognition. I’m not sure what previous years reports looked like but my wife drives a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport which is listed as a top small suv in the report, first vehicle we ever bought new, and she has 91k on it now and it has literally...
  9. Who is insuring your ride?

    I have progressive. Nobody around me can touch what I pay them for 6 months which I believe was $297 this last term. They allow you to add coverages for “custom parts and/or equipment” which I don’t believe is capped or has a pretty high cap.
  10. Would you choose to write off your vehicle…??

    This is funny, this literally just happened to my cousin. He has an older Silverado, one of the days here in July that it was around 105F he just parked his truck at a bar between a couple of other trucks and smoke started rolling through his vents. He didn’t even think about it, ran to an...
  11. Container shipping prices

    Yeah. Unfortunately there will always be a few whiney babies that got too many participation trophies that want to feel special and smart and argue with world renowned infectious disease experts and scientists, and are deathly afraid a little square piece of cloth might impede their ability to...
  12. Container shipping prices

    You don’t remember, or never paid attention? Just FYI, there is no political argument in China about shutdowns. Large cities of millions of people have shut down in China, some several times, and they are completely isolated. They also have ordered entire cities to test citizens for covid. All...
  13. Roof Rack Search; easy on easy off, no drill?

    Anyone have the Hooke Road rack? It says bolt on, but it’s also no drill. They don’t show a picture of it on a JT though so tough to compare.
  14. Roof Rack Search; easy on easy off, no drill?

    Yeah the bars I can find. Here’s a link to a JCR off-road carrier that is clamp on. JCR OFFROAD. This would probably fit the bill, I’d just like some other options to look at I guess. The Yakima clamps are sold out too, otherwise I’m sure those are modular enough where I could get a full rack to...
  15. Roof Rack Search; easy on easy off, no drill?

    Looks like you have to buy the round bars separate though? Also did you get the extra riser height or go with a standard?
  16. Roof Rack Search; easy on easy off, no drill?

    If there is another thread on this feel free to link, I couldn’t find one. I would really like a full roof rack, but don’t want a bed rack. I’d like something that clamps to the roof gutters, but I currently can’t find anything that doesn’t require some kind of drilling, either that or it...
  17. MY22 color wish list

    Hang a merc off the tailgate, extra help for those deeper river crossings.
  18. MY22 color wish list

    It definitely was the copper brown. I had to compare a bunch of colors, mango tango was one of them, there was a copperhead pearl, and amp’d orange in the mix too but it was definitely copper brown. All good choices though.
  19. MY22 color wish list

    I saw a wrangler today in a color I do not believe I’ve seen before. I had to track it down, and concluded that it was a 2015 in copper brown pearl. Very nice looking rig, I’d be full in on that.
  20. Jeff Belzers twin cities $5-8k off msrp

    Lol I like how fast this disappears from the latest posts page. I guess that’s a good thing really. But yeah I had a great experience with them, they treated me very well on my trade. They definitely like to deal and it’s nice they offer more than the standard $1000 off brand discount. Their Ram...