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  1. Jeep gives you nothing but heaches...

    Ordered mine on January 20th, didn't take delivery until April 2nd so I know your frustration. When you do get your Jeep, all your frustration will melt into sheer joy. It's worth the wait 😀
  2. Jeep Acronym?

    Justify Every Expensive Part
  3. Jeep Acronym?

    Joyfully Enjoying Every Park
  4. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Out with the wife earlier shopping for furniture. Came back out to get my phone and a new neighbor. Mine is the dirty one.
  5. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Yes. When that pic was taken suspension was all stock.
  6. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Method 312 w/Nitto RG's The bronze looks great with Sarge Green IMO
  7. Facebook page censorship

    The last time I was in FB jail was the last time I'll ever be in FB jail. Suspended my acct about 4 years ago, never looked back. I don't miss it at all.
  8. How do you all keep from wanting??

    Words of wisdom
  9. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    I tend to keep my vehicles for quite a while so I'll likely have my JT for some years. If It's any indication, I still have have my 97 GMC Sierra that I purchased new.
  10. South Carolina JT Rubicon Full Suspension

    If you're willing to sell just the shocks, I would be very interested in buying them.
  11. Max weight on the hood

    Exactly what I was thinking 😉
  12. I've been ducked before but this seems next level

    I'm not sure what pics you're looking at, but the star decals on my vehicle have no globe and anchor anywhere on them.
  13. I've been ducked before but this seems next level

    Had them custom made and applied at CGS Vinyl in Pelham AL.
  14. I've been ducked before but this seems next level

    I have never served, but have family and friends that have/are.
  15. Burned to the ground…

    I remember that the LS bodies with the 3.5 had a recall for leaking fuel rails. More than a few of them had underhood fires. All it takes is a few drops to vaporize under the hood.
  16. Burned to the ground…

    I'm thinking a fuel leak under the hood. Maybe an injector rail or fitting???
  17. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    Never even considered someone might steal mine. Might have my brother put a tack weld on mine tomorrow, if they're still there that is.
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Just got a 35q Magellan cooler that fits under my tonneau. Haven't used it yet, but I put a bag of ice in it yesterday, put it in the bed so I can see how long the ice will last back there.
  19. Accent colors gone wrong

    First thought that came into my head as well! 😂