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  1. Rough idle when stopped

    The "A!" symbol means the auto start/stop is disable because of a pending code or other disabling condition like the ESS battery low and not necessarily a misfire code. Your P0300 is a pending code and is what is tripping the A! to post. If it was a hard posting code, it would be setting the...
  2. DV8 new rear bumper, looks pretty promising!

    Same here. Noting I have seen up close looked all the spectacular. If anything, their finish seems cheap and easy to chip with no where near the rust protection of any OEM product.
  3. Consumer Reports recommends the Gladiator.

    Between getting caught fudging testing on the Suzuki Samurai and later Isuzu Trooper trying to make them roll over, they should have been sued out of existence.
  4. Leaking axle seal?

    Yeah, I would imagine it is a rarely used benefit. Looks good on paper though.
  5. 2021 Gladiator doors seals leak

    I had the exact same problem on the passenger side door. Cleaned the seal, checked the door gaps and just make sure the door is securely shut. Wife had a habit of just soft shutting the door on the way out and while it was enough to make door ajar light go out, it was not 100% engaged on the...
  6. Leaking axle seal?

    I mention the Wave Program in my last paragraph. If you look at the language of the Wave Program and any rental/loaner, it is only for a one day event and not an extended length rental/loan. Same day only and for "routine Maintenance" visits
  7. Differential oil

    I think realistically most people to include myself are running any GL-5 75W-90 grade gear oil with no issue. That grade is just so much easier to find and at better pricing than the OM spec'd 75W-85 grade. That being said, DANA recommends either during a rebuild and also the aftermarket DANA...
  8. Anyone here with a 4 post lift that they fit UNDER?

    This thread makes me feel poor. :(
  9. Light popping sound when turning in parking lots.

    That should have been a recall in my opinion. That is pretty much a whole calendar year of manufacturing.
  10. Manual Transmission Club

    I seem to recall single digit instances of this on the JL forums early on.
  11. Leaking axle seal?

    The factory basic warranties for both bumper to bumper and powertrain have no language that guarantees a right to a loaner. The difference between the dealerships is that the second dealership is willing to either out of their pocket cover the rental and/or is willing to submit to...
  12. Jeep cares

    I can tell you that will be a straight up cluster swap and most dealers will make you park it while they source and program the new cluster mileage. A good dealer will give you a loaner but obviously you are not dealing with a good dealer. Hopefully the warranty thing works out for you.
  13. Confession

    Thread reminds me of the Adaptive Cruise Control sensor cover and the pictograph on that seems to confuse a small minority. I think both are pretty self explanatory but they seem to befuddle...
  14. Jeep cares

    Just wondering, what exactly is the cluster doing? Is it the backlights for the analog and/or LCD display?
  15. Is the OE filter housing prone to failing?

    I see a lot of other problems trend higher than the oil filter housing leaks. In my opinion, it is not that common of a problem and not anything I think needs premptive fixing with any aftermarket all metal housing.
  16. Is the OE filter housing prone to failing?

    I will be the first to admit the design could be better. That being said, I have been observing various threads mainly in the Wrangler forums on the so called leaking problems with the Pentastar and the plastic filter house. Invariably most common threads complaining about a leak of the oil...
  17. Is the OE filter housing prone to failing?

    That article was written for the oil change monkeys to feel better about themselves and have a mental out that it is not their fault when it is their fault.
  18. Service auto start stop system?

    IF there is pending OBDII codes, it will disable the ESS system also.