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  1. 38" tires fit!!

    I recently installed my 38x13.50 Patagonia’s on my sport s. 3” lift, no rubbing at all!
  2. Anyone running steel bumpers without a winch? It should be this one!
  3. Help me tint my ride

    I had my front windows done in 20%. Nothing on the factory tinted rear glass. Only other thing is my windshield is tinted 20%. Your factory rear tint should be around 20% like most cars so you should be able to get away with just 20% on the front two windows
  4. Pennsylvania JCR half rack w/cargo basket

    Damn I love the look of it. I have the full rack, so if you’re ever interested in selling the cargo basket separately let me know, I might be interested!
  5. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    Thank you, yours looks great! I figured the Willys decals would be a nice factory-ish touch. And it would tie in the orange accents nicely!
  6. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    Finally got my 38” Patagonia’s installed. No complaints so far!
  7. Ohio Marker lights.

    I also have nothing but good things to say about these! I love them. Fitment is factory like. Doesn’t look like every other cheap thrown together kit. If I had to I’d buy them again!
  8. Rampage *Trailview? Soft Top

    Very excited to see what ends up happening with this! Interested.
  9. Badging Removal and Swap

    I swapped my trail rated badges for the Mojave ones about a week ago. Very easy. Heat gun and fishing line and they come right off. And you’re better off buying new from the factory. I think i paid under $30 for two new ones?
  10. Wrangler 4XE charge port cowl repurposed for ARB on-board air connection

    That’s awesome! Great idea. Definitely different and creative
  11. Another led tail light option

    Still have them and still love them! No problems or complaints
  12. KBD Fender Flares

    FYI they just updated their website with pics on a JT. I think they look awesome
  13. KBD Fender Flares

    Please post pictures when these are installed. After looking at this thread, I’m very interested in how they’ll look on a jt since there’s no pictures yet. Please keep us updated!
  14. Toolbox \ Toolkit that fits in rear underseat storage bin

    Wow I didn’t even think of looking on their site! And damn my jeep looked different back then! :CWL: They have a mesh material in the holes unlike the pics on the website. And I’m pretty sure you can customize them too
  15. Toolbox \ Toolkit that fits in rear underseat storage bin

    Those are actually back window vents! A buddy of mine needed a gladiator to use as a test vehicle to make them for his company. So I offered and he gave me a free set! Pretty cool, they sit on your back window and vent out some of the hot air in the cab. You can leave these in and won’t have to...
  16. Toolbox \ Toolkit that fits in rear underseat storage bin

    You can do something like I did. I mounted two Milwaukee packout boxes under my rear seats. I know they sell SAE and metric socket set kits for them. Might be pricey but you can always piece it together yourself. Plus, it opens up a little more space to mount other stuff too.
  17. New York Rubicon rock sliders

  18. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    Far from how I want it but here’s mine!
  19. Fenders fading already - less than a year!

    I’ve noticed the same thing happening on mine! Might get mine paint matched eventually to fix it
  20. Anyone running steel bumpers without a winch?

    Cavfab bumper ftw!! Even has fog light holes :like: