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  1. Where is the Gladiator 1 touch top option?!

    Mine was already expensive enough. 😩 😂
  2. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    Either way though I couldn't imagine spending 61k on a Mojave. Personally.
  3. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    Yeah. But I'd rather have the extra off road goodies for the same price. Plus, regardless I think we can all mostly agree that Rubicons can pull a higher price and resale value than any other trim.
  4. $2000 upcharge out of the blue for mojave near me....

    61k for a Mojave. Negative. Just get a Rubicon for that much. Mine didn't even cost that much and I got it a month ago. The Rams I was looking at before getting my Gladiator weren't even that expensive.
  5. Rear Window leak question

    I also make sure too align the tops and panels perfectly before setting them down. Never letting them drag. Wife and I are able to do it pretty efficiently now.
  6. Rear Window leak question

    I take mine off EVERY weekend for the past 2 months. And I've not had a single leak issue at all. I also make sure to store the top and panels in a way that all seals will not be damaged in anyway. Just powerwashed pretty extensively yesterday and no issues. I wouldn't also be too close with the...
  7. Gorilla Glass an Order Option

    Funny cause gorilla glass on android phones ive never had an issue. But the 2 iPhone I had the glass sucked.
  8. What can your stock sport JT do?

    Random post but what bed rack system is that
  9. Why not buy a Centerforce dual friction clutch?

    I have a southbend clutch in my other vehicle Stage 1. Felt closer to stock. The only thing to get used to is the chatter.
  10. Major stability issue at highway speeds

    Well if you spent less time being aggressive and did read you'd see that most of us agreed he needed suspension support for the 37s.
  11. Must have options from factory?

    If I could re purchase one it'd be with bed outlet and aux switches. I'm getting aftermarket LEDs. Made my own trail system. I don't care for heated wheels and seats as I can remote start mine and warm it up while I get ready for work. And I didn't care for leather seats. I thought I needed the...
  12. What did you pay for your GLADIATOR?

    1. Dealer brand new. Only 9 miles 2. 54,000 sale. 49,000 out the door after tags, title, and extended warranty. 3. 2021 HydroBlue Rubicon with Safety group, tow group, body matching hard top, premium alpine sound, premium wheels, proximity and remote start, 3.6 gas, automatic, 7 inch screen.
  13. Major stability issue at highway speeds

    Sounds like the rest of your suspension needs help with the extra weight. "People are running the same lift with no issues" isn't a feasible excuse. And I mean no disrespect by that by the way. They'll have issues eventually. All comes down to driving habits. Yours just happened to pop up...
  14. Scratches- help!

    In my opinion when it's on black paint go to a shop. The margin of error is to high on darker colors.
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I installed the MasterTop Bimini and it was pretty painless and definitely easier to remove and install than the Bestop one I bought
  16. Mastertop Cab cover

    I installed mine yesterday and it wasn't bad at all. Better than the bestop one
  17. ThinSkinz® - Shields for Jeep Gladiator doors

    Whoa. Checking em out now
  18. What do u have coming in the mail?

    This because I bought the bestop one and I cannot be asked to install that damned windshield channel every time. And this one doesn't require one. And it's vinyl for random rain.
  19. Issue after door removal

    Damn. Sounds like you made starting up more efficient and faster! What pins did you bend again. Need it for my notes.
  20. The Overland big lie!!

    Amen. My wife appreciates that about me, thankfully. I'm not spending hard earned money on bullshit products.