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  1. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2020 $6,600 off sticker fair enough?

    You can fight over the nitrogen in tires, paint protection, and even the delivery charge. Depends how much of a prick you can be and how slow sales are.
  2. Rock hard 4x4 rock rails installed

    Yes, do a search, has happened multiple times. Red Loctite is unforgiving. Do not use an impact, use a 1/2" breaker bar, go slow, be ready for a workout.
  3. Wheel width for 15.5" tires?

    When looking up 15" or 15.5" wide tires they show recommended wheel width is 10"-12". So you can put a 15" to 15.5" tire on a 10" wheel. But keep in mind, the narrower the wheel makes the sidewalls bow out and makes the tire shorter in height. I can't remember exactly but I believe it is .5"...
  4. Synthetic oil

    Personally, I like double extra VIRGIN olive oil........ :clap:
  5. Launch Edition Dash Panels

    Knew I had seen these recently, not cheap at $346.15
  6. Does a bug deflector work ?

    Glad this one is finally listed again, for the longest time it was"Not available, do not know if/when will be available again". Thanks Factoid. Deflectors, had them on every truck/suv/Jeep I've had. They "USUALLY" move the bugs up out of the normal line of sight through the windshield. But...
  7. Hanging Gladiator roof from garage ceiling joists?

    Pulleys, rope, couple of boat cleats to tie off rope. and a way to "grab" the roof without damaging it (rubber coated hooks). Had a CJ7 hardtop, MUCH heavier than the JT roof and that's how I did it. Back into garage, use a ladder and plumb bob to find locations and mark. Install pulleys, run...
  8. Quadratec warning

    Do you REALLY think that the people that are speaking up here are the ONLY ones to have issues? Do you REALLY think the other people that are having these same issues aren't telling other people about their issues? If so you are VERY naive. Good for the people in West Chester. But I can...
  9. Quadratec warning

    Online store, yes they do. I have made that statement on this forum. But if you go to a physical store location to make your order, you will receive stock status at that point in time, approximate delivery date, AND the store will call you if there is a problem with the order or when the order...
  10. Quadratec warning

    That would be incorrect. I held my tongue until this thread popped up. Any internet based company has but one thing to make them successful. That is customer service. I understood completely that it was a possibility that things would be slow due to the slow down. Quadratec did NOT fulfill...
  11. Suggestions for repairing cosmetic trail damage dents???

    There are things like this available, but your damage appears higher than these cover...
  12. Anyone Have the Part Number or Availability of the D-ring Assembly Forward Lower Bed Corners.

    Either Part #12 or Part #22 in the exploded view of the bed and fuel filler diagram.
  13. Quadratec warning

    I ordered 2 items on May 2nd. Initial email from Quadratec said both items would ship in 3-5 days. Next day I received an email stating that both items were back ordered for an undetermined time. Three days later I received 1 of the items with no notification that it had shipped. On June 2nd I...
  14. Suspension advice to deal with squatting while towing a 4300 pound trailer?

    Okay, read through this thread, Concentrate on where they talk about a kit for a Ram (taller air bag) and then about using the Gladiator spacer. Pages 2 and 3. I imagine if you called the...
  15. Thinking about this lift, questions..

    First, you do realize that is front only, correct? It is not a complete lift kit and more of an involved leveling kit. Second, you can run OEM wheels and tires on any lift. The wheel wells will look huge but you aren't hurting anything.
  16. Wheels for Winter

    If I were going to switch wheels/tires for winter, I'd get a set of the spare tire steels to run. Have them powder coated/painted whatever color and be done with it.
  17. Michelin military tires?

    With the rotors and calipers on the JT, 17" is the smallest wheel that will clear. Even with 17"s on, if the wheel weights are not located properly on the backside of the wheel, the calipers will scrape them off.
  18. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    I see JL's and JK's out the wazoo, MIGHT see one JT a week.
  19. Alignment Issue

    I can't remember which one, because I have read so many, but the instructions for installation on one of the aftermarket lift kits includes doing this. It only makes sense when realizing that the OEM control arms aren't designed to move where most aftermarket control arms are designed to move in...
  20. Weird plastic cover

    Left door handle cover