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  1. Video: Overlanding With Rubicon Gladiator vs Silverado Trail Boss in Moab (TFL)

    Really showed the difference between the Gladiators solid front axle and the IFS Silverado as far as traction and capability. The TFL guys do a nice job with their videos .
  2. Silvertruck build notes

    Looks awesome!
  3. Rubicon Buying Experience

    I just came home with a Gladiator Rubicon from Tri-City a few days ago. Couldn’t have been any easier of a process.
  4. New Rubicon

    I just picked up a new billet silver Gladiator Rubicon from Tri-City Jeep a few days ago. Just wanted to post about my experience with Travis and show a picture of my JT. Travis was a pleasure to deal with and made the process so easy! Price was good enough to have me drive 9 hours from NY...